An Honest Trailer for <i>Thor: Love and Thunder</i>

I thought, from seeing the official trailer, that Thor: Love and Thunder would be a fun movie. It made a lot of money, but both critics and audiences were a bit meh about it. Now we have an Honest Trailer to explain to us what the movie is really like. Thor: Love and Thunder is apparently one joke after another, which took away from any serious aspect of the story. You really can’t make a laugh-fest out of cancer. The funny bits made the previous movie Thor: Ragnarok special, so they put twice as many jokes into Thor: Love and Thunder. In filmmaking, that doesn’t always work. Screen Junkies has some other criticisms of the movie, too. And if you just wanted to see Thor naked, well, you’ll get most of that in this Honest Trailer.

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Source: neatorama

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