An Interesting Design Detail on This EDC Tweezer Multi-Tool

EDC product design is a combination of innovation, overkill, theoretical applications, paranoia, occasionally fun forms, and typically high-quality manufacturing. I find it such a fascinating and unique category.

Here’s the latest in the category to catch my eye. While most multitools have blades or pliers as the dominant application, this one features tweezers coated in titanium nitride:

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Titanium nitride, despite the metallic-sounding name, is actually an ultra-hard ceramic coating that is applied to metal tools using PVD (physical vapor deposition). It’s typically applied to preserve and protect surfaces, in case you’re tweezing contaminated splinters or corrosive nasal hairs.

The design of the tweezer’s tips is interesting: They’re slotted, corresponding with tabs on the included “quick-release”(!) keychain clip. This prevents the tips from jabbing you in transit, and the quick-release functionality means you can tweeze immediately.

As for the other six functions:

The TweezerTool+ runs $15, and is made by Texas-based EDC’ers True, who also make that flip-lid plasma lighter with an extendable neck.

Source: core77

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