An invitation to inspire the innovator in everyone

Imagine a new generation of science centers.

Imagine places that are, themselves, invitations to innovate.

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Imagine spaces that offer
open-ended design challenges,
that let people use applied technology,
that are collaborative and social,
that can be experienced at multiple levels on multiple visits.

Imagine spaces that focus as much on what visitors bring to the experience as the experience itself.

Imagine spaces for reflection,
failing fast and getting better.

Imagine spaces that are filled with tech entrepreneurs, the latest inventions from Silicon Valley, and speakers from the tech world.

Imagine all of this stretching over 30,000 square feet:
By far, the most space in any museum anywhere devoted to this kind of learning.

Imagine all this and you have imagined what will happen in the lower level of The Tech over the next 5 years.

Tech 3.0, The Tech Museum’s Campaign to reimagine itself, holds the promise of ushering in an entirely new kind of museum.

Just as The Exploratorium reinvented the science center 40 years ago, so Tech 3.0 has the capacity to launch an entire new generation of science centers.

Can science centers become living resources for innovation? Can they open their doors and provide the tools and challenges and spaces and inspiration that people need to unleash the innovator in them?

We believe The Tech can do these things, and we are committed to making this happen in the next few years.

We hope you can join us.

We hope you can help us create a space that’s an invitation to innovate.

About The Tech Museum of Innovation
The Tech Museum of Innovation is a hands-on technology and science museum for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Tech—located in the Capital of Silicon Valley —is a non-profit, experiential learning resource established to engage people in exploring and experiencing applied technologies affecting their lives. Through programs such as The Tech Challenge presented by Cisco, our annual team-design competition for youth, and internationally renowned programs such as The Tech Awards presented by Applied Materials, The Tech endeavors to inspire the innovator in everyone.

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