Andrew Klein's Twin Turbo Vise

Dissatisfied with twin screw vises on the market, Colorado-based woodworker Andrew Klein designed and built his own. Klein’s innovative design uses metal gears to provide two different speeds, gearing the screw rotation speed up or down. There’s also a “neutral” between the speeds, for times when you clamp something and the handle is in the way; by placing it in “neutral” you can rotate it to wherever you like while maintaining the clamping force.

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The gearing feature makes the vise action fast, giving the tool its name: The Twin Turbo Vise.

Klein launched a Kickstarter campaign for the vise in 2019, seeking $35,000. He wound up with $161,673.

Today Klein sells a refined version of the vise on his website, in three different sizes: A 14″ for $310, $20″ for $325 and a 24″ for $350. (Note that those dimensions are the distance between the screws.)

Here’s a look at how it works:

Source: core77

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