Arrival Unveils Prototype of Car Designed for Uber

Most cars are designed for occupants who are connected to each other: Families, couples or friends driving around together. But ridesharing vehicles, whereby the driver and passengers are not intimately connected, do not have the need for an egalitarian space whereby both parties can interact throughout the journey.

Thus Arrival has designed a car specifically for ridesharing, relying heavily on feedback from Uber drivers in the UK. Drivers want something easy to maneuver through urban environments, and they want their passengers to be comfortable. The electric Arrival Car achieves this by tweaking the spaces for both parties.

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The driver’s seat is in an elevated position and pushed as far forward as possible, giving them a commanding view of the road through an enormous windscreen.

The passenger seats are pushed back as far as possible, for maximum legroom, and the nearly all-glass roof features a panoramic view of what’s above.

Incredibly, the car is the same size as a Volkswagen Golf, yet offers more rear-seat passenger legroom than a Rolls-Royce, according to Arrival.

At press time Arrival had not released proper press photos of the car, just this video below. It provides a better look at the vehicle, with Arrival’s Tom Elvidge, Executive VP of Vehicle Platforms, giving you a rundown:

Source: core77

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