Art Is Activated by the Body in INTERPLAY at SITE Santa Fe

Four interactive works by Neil Mendoza, Iván Navarro, Camille Utterback, and Robert Rauschenberg are on view in SITE Santa Fe’s newest exhibition, INTERPLAY, open through February 13, 2023. Selected from the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Foundation Collection, these installations are activated by the body with the intent of enhancing, disrupting, and altering perception, calling attention to the dichotomy between art and technology. The role of the audience is unique to the ever-changing composition of each piece, creating an interdependent relationship between artist, artwork, and viewer.

Neil Mendoza’s “Robotic Voice Activated Word Kicking Machine” (2016) is an exploration of language and our relationship with talking to machines. It combines projection and robotics to blur the line between the physical and the digital. Words spoken into a hanging horn are converted into text and launched into the virtual world.

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Ivan Navarro’s “Reality Show” (2010) lets viewers feel the illusion and sensation of stepping into infinity via a telephone booth with glass and mirrors. While those outside the booth can see the reaction of the person inside, due to the enclosure’s one-way glass, the participant is unable to see outside the walls, instead surrounded by an infinite tunnel of light.

Robert Rauschenberg’s “Eco-Echo” (1992–1993) is a part of a series of windmill-like structures that the artist began fabricating at Saff Tech Arts in Oxford, Maryland. These sonar-activated sculptures respond to the presence of a viewer moving nearby and stop when no one is directly in front of them.

Camille Utterback’s “Untitled 5” (2004) invites visitors’ movements in the gallery space; the movements are run through computer software written by the artist, which translates them into an animated digital painting that constantly evolves.

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About SITE Santa Fe
Founded in 1995 to establish the first international contemporary art biennial in the United States, SITE Santa Fe is a non-collecting art institution committed to supporting new developments in contemporary art, encouraging artistic exploration, and expanding traditional museum experiences.

About the Carl and Marilynn Thoma Foundation
The Carl and Marilynn Thoma Foundation recognizes the power of the arts to challenge and shift perceptions, spark creativity, and connect people across cultures. They lend and exhibit artworks from their collection and support innovative individuals and pivotal initiatives in the arts.


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