Artist Spotlight: Lucie Salgado

Lovely drawings by artist Lucie Salgado based in Curitiba, Brazil.

I feel most connected with nature through those long and yet ephemeral hours of freedom and solitude spent not outdoors, but indoors; when I get to sit with a pencil (many pencils) and paper in hands and scrutinize nature’s work just for the joy of it. Humans may be the self-proclaimed misfits amidst nature’s creations, but it’s a glorious one nonetheless.

“In drawing humans, my intention is never to have us rise above nature, but to acknowledge we are an expression of nature ourselves. My drawings are a humble attempt to capture some of the simplest and yet purest expressions of life, of nature; or perhaps, they are nature for itself, seeking expression through art, and through me.”

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Lucie Salgado


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