Asha Schechter

Asha Schechter


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Wed, 08/24/2022 – 15:50

Asha Schechter is interested in how objects are rendered photographically. He brought these specific items together because they represent a wide variety of materials—paper, rubber, cardboard, wood, metal—each with different textures and behavioral qualities. He provided a 3D modeler with an image and a “skin” for each item so the modeler could render them virtually in three dimensions. The final work represents a flattening of that modeling, a return from three to two dimensions: the work is output as a large-scale photographic sticker adhered directly to the wall. Junk Drawer was made specifically for presentation in this exhibition. The hand mirror reflects spotlights in the ceiling, while the drawer’s right edge shows the red and white stripes of Lucas Blalock’s work, which sits adjacent to Schechter’s. Together, these textures, shapes, and reflections create an image that is based in reality—surrounded by nearby objects—but feels off-kilter.

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