Augmented Reality Tour Bus Windows

Remember Toppan’s magic translating window developed for Japanese train stations?

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South Korea’s ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) has developed something similar with their AR Interactive Vehicle Display, initially aimed at tour bus operators:

“The AR Interactive Vehicle Display is a transparent display that allows passengers to view and interact with augmented reality (AR) content without the need to wear any devices in a moving vehicle. When passengers spot a site of interest, visual information is presented in real time, following their line of sight. Passengers can touch a visual cue on the screen to access detailed information. The system can be customized for various modes of transportation and incorporated into vehicle windows, in-car displays, and personal mobile devices.”

For those who get queasy easily, they’ve incorporated this nice UX touch:

“An on-screen visual aid that moves according to the vehicle’s motion is provided to mitigate motion sickness. The solution prevents passengers from feeling dizzy or nauseous while viewing AR content via a transparent display on a moving vehicle.”

Here’s how the system looks in use:

A demo unit will be on display at this week’s CES.

Source: core77

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