Australian Industrial Design: Modernist Objects from DesignedByThem

DesignByThem, founded by industrial designers Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis, is an Australian ID consultancy that relies on local design talent. I haven’t seen enough Australian design work to deduce if the continent possesses a distinct aesthetic, but I did find DBT’s modernist outdoor products to be easy-on-the-eyes.

Their Dial Hose Hanger appears to be little more than a giant wall-mounted spool—there doesn’t appear to be any reeling function—but it presents a tidy appearance:

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Their TomTom Letterbox is a clean-looking, top-front-hinged lockable design that can safeguard your letters, if not the newspapers rolled into the top:


Their Harry Holders are powder-coated aluminum brackets for holding long tools:

And outside of their outdoor products, I am drawn to their Oscar Keyring, which is solid brass and meant to develop a patina over time:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The Oscar is something I’d really want to own and feel in my hand or pocket, but I could do without the logo on the flat; I think it reads as tacky on an otherwise beautiful object. The pear-shaped keyring is made of nickel-plated steel and hopefully has stronger spring-memory than the shower curtain hangers it resembles.

You can see more of DesignByThem’s work here. Also, I did find this video of Gibson and Karlovasitis discussing something I don’t often see designers chatting about on video: Design and IP, including at least one lesson they learned the hard way.

Source: core77

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