Ballpoint Pens with Surprising Extra Functions: Screen Cleaners, Charging Cables, Vibrating Massagers

Japanese manufacturer King Jim makes some crazy multifunctional pens.

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The TP10 contains a screen-cleaning cloth that you can pull out of the barrel like a window blind. Rotating the end of the pen retracts the cloth.

The TP20 looks like an ordinary stylus, but rotating the tip causes a ballpoint to emerge through the stylus tip, like Wolverine’s claws. On top of that, the cap contains a USB plug on one end and a Micro-USB cable on the other end, allowing you to use it as a charger.

The TP30 contains both a stylus and a ballpoint; you pull the business end of the pen open and flip it to your preferred utensil. The butt end, meanwhile, contains a vibrating massager that “allows you to experience a comfortable vibration when you press the protrusion on the top of the pen against your hand.”

Source: core77

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