Bandai's New Gashapon Capsules Are A Challenge To Open

Gashapon capsules are meant to be opened. After all, you won’t even know the toy inside the toy capsule unless you open it. But Bandai challenges us with their new capsule series called Zettai ni Akanai Gashapon (translated as “Gashapon Capsules That Absolutely Won’t Open”). It seems the company wants to know how far their consumers will go just to open their capsule toys. And if there’s a will, there’s a way, and fortunately, you can open these Gashapon capsules, but only if you can solve it. The capsules can be disassembled by moving its part in the correct sequence.

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Bandai’s new Gashapon capsules has three levels of difficulty, with level one being the easiest and level three being the hardest to solve. But what is inside these capsules, you may ask? Well… there’s nothing inside. Your prize is “the satisfaction of solving the puzzle.” Yup. These are not really capsule toys but puzzle toys.

(Image Credit: Bandai via IT Media/ SoraNews24)

Source: neatorama

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