Beverly Hilton Mural Mystery

A nine-panel glass mosaic was discovered during renovations for a new restaurant at the Beverly Hilton hotel. Now, the artwork is being displayed behind the bar at the rooftop restaurant, called Sant’olina. Seven of the nine panels display different figures from classical mythology. While the mosaic is stunning and pleasing to look at, part of its appeal comes from the mystery that accompanied it.

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The creator of the artwork was initially unknown. Hints of letters that were enigmatically placed on the panel were the only clues the Hilton had. After hard digging, the company found out that it was created by  Dale Owen and Robert Mallory, and was installed when the hotel opened in 1955. The artwork was hidden behind a wall in 1944, for it to only resurface now. 

Image via The Art Newspaper 

Source: neatorama

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