Britney Spears Is Finally Free From Her Conservatorship And Here Are 22 Reactions From The Internet

Even those who weren’t really that interested in Britney Spears’ life knew about her mental health crisis back in 2007 and how she was forced into a conservatorship with her father in 2008 as it was a big deal for such a young person and a famous singer to have her freedom taken away from her.

And it lasted for 13 years until last Friday, November 12 when the court terminated the conservatorship effective immediately. Now Britney Spears is a completely free woman who will be able to make decisions for herself and live a life with nobody watching over her and controlling her every step.

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The person who is most happy about the outcome of the court’s decision is no doubt Britney herself, but her fans are also ecstatic because they were emotionally invested in this matter for more than a decade. Bored Panda gathered some of the reactions people on the internet and other celebrities had when they found out about the news.

Britney Spears was under a conservatorship with her father for 13 years and her efforts to escape it finally gained results

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If you need a reminder how Britney managed to come to this victorious point, Bored Panda covered the pop star’s journey of trying to escape the controlling hands of her father in several articles, which you can read through clicking, here, here, and here.

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The singer shared how happy she was in a tweet and thanked her fans for all the support

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So it all started when Britney expressed her wish for her father to be replaced by someone else as her conservator

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The short version is that after the ‘temporary’ conservatorship lasted longer than anyone expected, her fans started the #FreeBritney movement. They saw Britney performing and couldn’t understand why her life was still being controlled when it was obvious that she was a lot better mentally and was completely able to dance and sing for hours for a huge audience.

So after several failed attempts, Britney finally was able to publicly say she wanted her father removed from his position as her conservator in 2019. On July 26th, Spears’ new attorney, Mathew Rosengart, filed paperwork to officially ask for it. And on September 29, Britney’s request was granted. Although, she wasn’t completely free back then as she still was under conservatorship, except it wasn’t with her father anymore.

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The court granted the request on September 29th and actually scheduled another hearing on November 12th to consider complete termination of the conservatorship

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When the day came, the judge terminated Britney’s conservatorship and she became free the very same second

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During the last court hearing, another one was planned on November 12th to discuss the termination of Britney’s conservatorship. When the day came, the Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny ruled that Spears will no longer be under a conservatorship.

The way the pop star was treated was often described as demoralizing and abusive. Fans were convinced that the conservatorship wasn’t necessary anymore and were bringing up the conversation of ending it time and time again until the singer was able to say that publicly herself.

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Fans were overjoyed by the news and went to the internet to share how happy they are to finally see the day they were all have been waiting for so long

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When Britney spoke in the June hearing, she said, “I deserve to have a life. I deserve to have the same rights as anybody does by having a child, a family, any of those things, and more.” It was clear that she could think for herself and take care of her own life.

What made the conservatorship demoralizing was that she wasn’t allowed to visit her friends or ride in her boyfriend’s car. She was required to take medication that made her feel drunk and she couldn’t have another child as she wanted because she couldn’t go to the doctor to get her IUD removed.

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Now she can forget all of that. Britney thanked her fans on social media, saying “Good God I love my fans so much it’s crazy 🥺❤ !!! I think I’m gonna cry the rest of the day !!!! Best day ever … praise the Lord … can I get an Amen 🙏🏼☀🙌🏼 ????” and shared a video of them celebrating the news that their common goal was successfully reached. She also put a hashtag to mark the new start of her free life #FreedBritney.

When fans found out about the court’s decision, they went wild. The internet is full of cheerful reactions, congratulating the singer and sharing their joy with her. Among those fans there were a significant amount of other famous people too, like Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga and Cher, who expressed their support.

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Among those fans there were a bunch of celebrities too, getting excited that justice was made

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Other people were saying that this day will be remembered in the history books and probably all Britney’s fans will memorize the date to celebrate it every year. Junior Olivas, who is one if the #FreeBritney activists, said, “I can’t believe how much had to happen to get to this point” and added, “We did our part, she did her part, and together that’s why we’re here today.”

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History was made today. Britney is Free! ❤

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But the world’s happiest person that day was Britney herself and she deserves all the congratulations she was receiving

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What was your reaction when you found out about Britney getting released from the control of the conservatorship? Have you followed all of the events and believed that Britney was leaving hints in her Instagram videos? We would love to hear your reactions to the big news!

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