Canvia: The World's Most Realistic Interactive Art Display

Here’s an interesting product that might raise some thorny copyright issues.

Canvia is a digital frame that allows you to display artwork in either portrait or landscape, but what makes it different from others of its kind is that it contains built-in sensors and proprietary display software that renders its images realistic; in other words, oil paintings look like actual oil paintings, not just photographs of them. And whether you’re displaying paintings, drawinsg or photgraphs, the color, contrast and texture are all, claims developer Palacio, represented accurately.

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So where does the art come from? Canvia owners have access to Palacio’s online art library, which features “thousands of artworks…covering a wide variety of genres, styles, eras and media. [This] includes works across a wide range of genres and styles to ensure diversity of content; a lot of these are based on partnerships with established galleries and museums throughout the world (e.g. the Met, National Gallery, Rijksmuseum, etc.), which gives us access to amazing works throughout art history.”

Here’s the potentially thorny part: The end user can also upload any image they want to display. This means that if one can get one’s hands on a digital copy of any piece of art out there–which, though technically illegal, isn’t terribly difficult to do–they could conceivably “own” any piece of art they’d like, without the original artist seeing a dime.

Canvia is expected to retail for $550, though there are still a few Early Bird specials available on Kickstarter for $250. The project has already successfully been funded with $94,313 towards a $75,000 goal, and there’s still seven days left to pledge.

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