Cats Being Weirdly Adorable

These feline creatures are honestly, amazing. They express beauty, grace, and elegance. In cartoons and other forms of media, cats are usually associated with extravagance and opulence as well. Additionally, they are also portrayed as being sneaky, witty, and capable of hunting swiftly– for example, in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, cat races (the Tabaxi) are known for being agile and fast. Their claws are also capable of dealing a lot of damage. 

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However, in real life, these animals aren’t so serious all the time. They’re also not graceful or elegant. Just like us, humble and clumsy humans, they can be goofballs and make people laugh at how adorable they are. Cuteness compiles a list of different instances where these felines can be weirdly adorable. From sitting oddly on a couch to making silly but cute faces in front of a fan, these images can be a good healing moment for our souls! 

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Image credit: Marko Blazevic

Source: neatorama

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