Celebrating The Human Body With Flesh Suits

It might look lowkey odd at first glance, but Daisy Collingridge’s depiction of the naked human body as ‘squishies’ in her art shows her interpretation of our fragile yet fascinating forms. Her depiction of the human body is just a joyful representation, not a statement or a revolt against the idea of an ‘ideal body type,’ as Observer details: 

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“The reaction to this work varies hugely. From this, I have learned that we all inhabit a body therefore we all have an opinion of equal validity,” she says. “Bodies are so unbelievably different despite being made from the same components. I am not seeking to promote or demote any one type of body. This work is bodily. There is warmth and softness, these signifiers of life. They celebrate flesh, form, touch, and movement.”

Collingridge started this year with the goal to work more collaboratively, which the pandemic made near impossible (also canceling her first solo show). Like many artists, however, she says she is naturally a solitary worker and still was productive alone in her studio space. She recently became part of the Sarabande foundation in London, a move that’s allowed her to begin working on a collaborative film project with Isabel Garett. They’re currently working on a short film detailing the life and loves of the Squishy family, meaning these joyous depictions of the human form will soon be getting a backstory. 

Image via Observer 

Source: neatorama

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