Chair Chat No. 22 with Rudy and Klaus – Your Turn

Editor’s note: This chair chat is a work in progress, and we need your help to finish it. We have a beautiful chair but only had two minutes to talk because Chris had to go to the bathroom (number two). 

We ask you readers to finish this Chair Chat in the comments. Please keep it civil but also don’t hesitate to post something funny, we all like to laugh.

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You don’t see a disclaimer here that salty language will follow – because we didn’t get around to any yet. Feel free to add some.

Chris: Hi guys, let’s do one last very short chat as I have to make a poo.

Rudy: No worries, how about this beauty:

Klaus: Wow, look at that chair. Such a nice stance!

Rudy: I agree, it is very beautiful!

Chris: It is so beautiful that I want to sleep with it.

Klaus: The seat has a nice shape.

Rudy: Yes, it does. Is that elm?

Chris: OK guys, I am going now. Talk later.

Rudy: Alrighty. Bye!

Klaus: Talk later guys!



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