Company’s ‘New Employee’ Black Bear Steals Workers’ Lunch

The first day at a new job can be very daunting. You need to make a good impression, demonstrate good work ethic and try not to break the unspoken rules: no fish in the microwave and never ever steal your co-worker’s lunch. However, this black bear in New Hampshire didn’t get the memo and committed the ultimate workplace faux pas.

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Imagine having your work lunch stolen. Would you confront the coworker happily chomping on your food? What if it was a black bear?

Image credits: American Plate Glass

Bears have an amazing sense of smell, so good, in fact, that this bear in New Hampshire was able to smell a carefully packed lunch waiting in the van.

American Plate Glass workers spotted a black bear that had climbed into the vehicle. “What do you think is in that truck right now?” an employee asked their boss while on FaceTime call.

The business owner probably didn’t expect to see a bear sitting in the passenger seat with his paw hanging out the window. “It’s a freaking black bear, eating Charlie’s nuts in the front seat of the truck,” one of the workers told Scott.

Later, one of the workers shared his experience: “I ran up to find the bear eating nuts.” He then described that “The bear sat there for five to 10 minutes and then grabbed my cooler.”

Barry the bear didn’t leave a good first impression!

Image credits: American Plate Glass

American Plate Glass were surprised by a new su-bear-visor sitting in their van

Image credits: American Plate Glass

We all know that one coworker who is very good at pretending to be busy. The black bear excellently played the role of an important supervisor, sitting in a van and overlooking other workers. He then decided it was time for a lunch break.

With his bear hands, he popped open one of his ‘coworkers’ lunch box and began to enjoy the trail-mix nuts he found. The bear then decided he wasn’t full from the nuts and grabbed a second lunch box. Alas, it had a zipper and it wasn’t as easy to open, which got Barry irritated.

Eventually, the workers managed to shoo the bear away. “The guys chased him just a little bit and he ran 50 feet away from where they were working, laid down and took a nap.”

Who can blame the bear – a good nap goes well with a good lunch!

Image credits: American Plate Glass

The bear helped himself to the lunches he found inside the vehicle

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Image credits: American Plate Glass

Luckily, Barry was a polite bear and didn’t leave any damage to the truck: “There was no damage. There were no scratch marks. You would never know other than that the bear ate Charlie’s nuts and we all saw it.”

After his nap, the bear continued to observe the American Plate Glass team for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, an afternoon of a hard supervisory work wasn’t enough to keep his job – he got sacked on his first day.

“‘Barry’ the bear has unfortunately been terminated from American Plate Glass Due to: stealing, work out of uniform and having ‘bear’ feet in the glass industry.”

He’d better work on improving his koalifications!

After devouring his ‘co-workers’ food, he went to take a nap nearby

Image credits: American Plate Glass

Barry the bear is an exceptionally well-behaved bear and this story has a positive ending. However, things could’ve turned out differently had Barry been more aggressive.

Rapid city expansion is pushing wild animals out of their natural habitats, so encounters like that are becoming more common occurrence.

We should remember the basic rules when visiting the home of wild animals: never wander off the trail, don’t spook them and never feed them human food. And don’t forget your bear spray when you’re in the area populated by bears.

Do you have any memorable wildlife encounters to share?

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