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At Core77 we are very proud to share with you our internal team’s ground-up rebuild of the Coroflot design portfolio and job site and the launch of a new identity. It is a platform-wide launch focusing on a seamless desktop to mobile experience, and the establishment of a new aesthetic visually and in use. A project many months in the making, it is the result of the dedication and talent of our technology and design team, and a huge leap forward in our ongoing effort to make Coroflot the most effective talent and career community on the web!

While the project was conceptualized and realized in-house we started things off with an identity design exploration by The Collected Works. The brand, type and palette specs they developed gave form to our ambition at an early stage and grew to be not only a touchstone for the visual and interface work which followed but a tonal reference for product and community planning.

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Our desire to “open-up” the site with this launch is certainly visible in the overall design but it is also prominent in functional shifts both large and small… Such as the full deconstruction and reconstruction of how users communicate via the site. Transitioning from an email-based system to a near-real time messaging app shortens the communication loop and puts talent and clients in direct contact in a single context. It isn’t restricted though so it is easy to strike up a conversation with your fellow Coroflot designers

Similarly your portfolio and profile at Coroflot is now cleaned up in order to facilitate quicker connection and action. Here one of the most significant aspects of the the site relaunch — page responsiveness — is visible as your page smoothly rearranges layout across sizes from desktop to mobile. The design seeks to offer a balance for users, with Call-to-Action for fellow designer-types and potential employers alike.

Images now elegantly span the screen on individual project pages, and with just a click the viewer enters into the new slideshow mode — a consolidation of our previous project presentation methods.

On the business-side of things the new site design integrates our recently expanded recruitment offering; now employers and recruiters alike can place creative talent right at their fingertips with Coroflot Pro Search across a variety of devices. Recruiting workflow is further improved with a new layout for candidate profiles and conversation tracking via the built-in messaging.

The new design introduces some subtle improvements with our famous Design Job Board, where postings provide a vast array of opportunities to thousands of design professionals. The emphasis is on honing the platform for employers: bigger branding, improved presence for a company’s info and additional positions and prominent application buttons make for a more beautiful and effective talent acquisition point.

Coroflot was created by designers, for designers, and is still run by designers today. For more than 20 years our focus has been connecting designers and creative companies world-wide. This latest step is a confirmation of that mission and of our dedication to that crucial intersection of ability and need, simultaneously helping designers make their mark in the creative world and enabling employers to recruit exceptional creative talent.

Note, we’re not done yet! This launch is a giant step for the site but importantly the effort to get here reflects that every person on the Coroflot staff, and our extended family at Core77, is endlessly enthusiastic about design and our community. So please let us know what you think of our new vibe, but also share with us your thoughts on what you would like next –– we love feedback and want to continue building this community with you in mind.

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