Core77 Weekly Roundup (3-20-23 to 3-24-23)

Seoul says they’re building the world’s largest hubless ferris wheel. Will these replace skyscrapers as the go-to international bragging rights object?

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Product designer Erik Stehmann found himself stuck with 1,500 disposable paintbrushes, and devised a creative way to upcycle them.

A hipster bar adapts an antique invention to mix drinks in an eye-catching way.

Masaya & Co.’s sustainable, stylish and modern rocking chairs are manufactured with a “seed to finished product” business model.

High-end German travel gear company Rimowa makes this strange Aluminum Sling Clutch, apparently for fashionistas who are into EDC.

BMW’s Panoramic Vision feature, which they say runs “entire width of the windscreen,” seems like it really misses the mark in terms of being a UI/UX improvement.

To celebrate Hans Wegner’s birthday, Carl Hansen & Søn is releasing a special version of Wegner’s iconic Wishbone Chair.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Pollution reaches geology in the form of “plastiglomerates:” Geologist and researcher Fernanda Avelar Santos has discovered plastic-infused rocks on this remote Brazilian island.

Scientific glassblower Tim Drier creates these beautiful, bonkers booze-mixing vessels (watch the vid to see an example of how they work):

Ai Weiwei’s first design-focused exhibition is drawing buzz for…his Lego version of Monet’s “Water Lilies.”

From Plus Minus Zero, here’s a fascinating Japanese design for a compact, folding, size-adjustable clothes dryer.

Swedish industrial design firm Form Us With Love designed this Levels bench system “to create subtle divisions between people” in public spaces.

Discovered by a vintage shop proprietor, here’s a clever design for a low-tech letter scale. Sadly the designer is unknown.

The Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity launched Tables, Tables, Tables, a free online exhibit examining Ray and Charles Eames’ designs for tables. The lead-in is a fantastic essay on industrial design by Kim Colin, of Industrial Facility.

This incredible Flux Keyboard is transparent and sits atop an HD display.

This Mchose company offers two different types of wireless earbuds in a single charging case. The case itself has a strange splits-in-half design.

This mysterious suitcase has some unusual design features, like these flip-out hooks built into the handle and a viewing stand for phones.

You might think a business that makes laser-cut metal hair combs would be doomed to fail. You’d be wrong.

A brewery in Neuzelle, Germany says they have developed powdered beer and will start market-testing it in September. Since beer is mostly water, this will radically cut the transportation and packaging costs.

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