Core77 Weekly Roundup (4-17-23 to 4-21-23)

BMW’s new XM and XM Label Red have a non-divisive design that everyone will love! Ah, just kidding.

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Edelkrone’s tiny PhoneClip connects any smartphone, with or without a case, to any tripod.

Veteran industrial designer Boris Berlin designed this rolling carry-on with a flax-based hard shell, rather a plastic one. It’s in production by Danish brand Kin.

An underappreciated design classic: The JG Folding Stool, by Danish furniture designer Jørgen Gammelgaard. Introduced in 1970 and still in production today.

The ultimate commitment to sustainability? Icelandic industrial designer Dögg Guðmundsdóttir designed a bed that doubles as your cremation coffin.

Product Design student Oscar Parkinson, of Kingston University, designed these analog Kitchen Counters to “record the amount of use you get out of your electronic goods.”

Here’s a look at different designs for keeping pesky flies off of food.

An outdoor furniture design mystery, maybe in Denmark: Was this cast in one piece, then buried? Who made this, and why? Where exactly is this? Are these things common?

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Industrial designers Julian Reuter and Peter Kraft figured out how to turn rattan into a material with diverse applications. They started a company, Karuun, to commercialize it.

Michael Dziewior, an Industrial Design student at the Berlin University of the Arts, designed Frame, a sustainable and easy-to-assemble shelving unit.

Lindberg, a Danish eyewear brand founded by an architect and an optometrist, produces a number of unique and patented hinge designs.

For his Upscaling Upcyling project, Furniture Design student Christoph Kurzmann repurposed discarded dorm furniture components to create new pieces.

The MouthPad is an in-mouth Bluetooth mouse that uses tongue-sensitive trackpad. It allows quadriplegics to control computers, smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Following a shoulder injury, BMX’er Guillaume Bedard designed, patented and now sells the BIKEeRACK, a motorized bicycle rack that allows users to load bicycles that exceed their lifting capabilities.

Earlier design mystery solved: In the 1950s, Danish designer Poul Kjærholm designed these permanent outdoor concrete furniture pieces for rest stops in Denmark. The pieces were reinforced with steel bars and the bases were buried below the frost line.

Here’s a wearable form factor that didn’t last: The neck-mounted smartphone holder, for POV video capture.

Industrial designer Stefanie Kay’s Bill is a fun design for a 1970s-inspired manually-adjustable lamp.

FIREUP’s unusual-looking iron cookware benefits from efficiency gains. The designer is a rocket scientist and thermodynamics expert.

Lincoln’s redesigned Nautilus features a stunning full-width dashboard screen. Suddenly standard instrument clusters look obsolete.

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