Core77 Weekly Roundup (7-17-23 to 7-21-23)

Here’s what we looked at this week:

A startup called Cleana has invented toilet seat hinges that automatically raise or lower. They do this without any electricity.

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Designed by architect Martin Jochman, this “earthscraper” is a luxury hotel built in an abandoned quarry. The lowest two floors are submerged beneath the waterline.

Industrial designer/mechanical engineer Cameron Smith’s Crisscross Chair is a stylish upgrade the folding chair.

Japanese Overdesign: With five different edge widths, this special Milikeshi eraser is for people who take their erasing precision seriously.

This company is offering a free 55″ 4K TV. The catch is that it comes with a second screen that runs ads.

Chinese company Fourier Intelligence is jumping into the humanoid robot game. Here’s what their Dyson-ish design, the GR-1, will look like:

This portable Anymaka hammock, with a frame that sets up or breaks down in just 3 seconds, has landed about $900K and counting on Kickstarter.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Footwear designer Andrew Kostman’s Pixel Rider sneakers are a lightweight ode to the ’90s.

Doing a lot with a little: This simple Jeri-Rigg tie-down invention uses a minimum of materials.

Beautiful design brought down by lousy QC: Dutch e-bike maker VanMoof has declared bankruptcy.

Originally designed for the PlayStation game Gran Turismo Sport, McLaren’s Solus GT has been brought to life, and just won a race at Goodwood.

French company Bumpair invented an auto-inflating scooter helmet, and evolved it into a user-inflated bicycle helmet.

Wildly specific product design: This stealth cooler is for sneaking beer onto golf courses. “Saves you money on expensive clubhouse prices.”

This week Hyundai unveiled their new Santa Fe, which features “terrace-like tailgate space.”

From space-tight Japan, this no-installation bathroom storage shelf that piggybacks on the towel bar.

These amusing 3D-printed character game controller holders, by Etsy account RageQuitters, probably aren’t licensed.

This Hulot system of modular repurposeable furniture is by Industrial Design student Jacob Cuesta Wolf.

This AK 2, by industrial designers Uli Budde and Ivan Kasner, is a workspace divider/lamp made from PET felt.

The NPseal Negative Pressure Wound Therapy patch is a surgical bandage with a user-powered pump. It draws fluid and potential infections out of the wound, allowing it to heal more quickly.

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