Could You Do Monochrome Renderings with Multiple Textures?

Most of you who do hand renderings have a rack or drawer filled with markers/pencils of different colors. But what if you had to render using just a single color, where the only variation was the texture laid down by the drawing implement?

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That’s the concept behind “Texture Sketchers,” by Japanese design firm 21B STUDIO, though it’s aimed at kids rather than industrial designers.

“This proposal is for an art supply set that lets you draw various textures. This product expands the world of texture that you wouldn’t usually notice–like materials and artistic effects–through working with supplies of the same color that have different properties.”

“Like some artists are skilled in color usage, others may discover they are skilled in texture usage. Some children may play with texture differences as if they were color differences. You may find that you think and choose an item by texture rather than color.”

“I hope this product brings about a future where it’s normal to draw in multiple textures, just as it’s now normal to draw in multiple colors.”

Texture Sketchers” was a winner in this month’s Kokuyo Design Awards, a Japan-only stationery design competition.

Source: core77

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