‘Cringe Pics’: 70 Incredibly Embarrassing Pics That Hurt To Look At (New Pics)

It’s amazing how a simple photo or post on social media can cause a visceral reaction. A gorgeous photo of a milkshake might make your stomach growl and your mouth salivate, while a gruesome image of an injury might make you wince from pain. But one entirely separate corner of the internet that tends to cause viewers discomfort is the classic cringe content.

Below, you’ll find some of our favorite photos from the Cringe Pics subreddit that might cause you severe second-hand embarrassment. We’ll warn you right now that it might be an uncomfortable journey ahead, but hopefully it’ll be a hilarious one as well. Good luck making it through this list, and be sure to upvote the pics that cause you pain!

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#1 I Hope It’s Okay With You That I Took Your Phone Number

Image credits: thebleakcollision

#2 This Guy I Met Knows No Bounds

Image credits: Even_Set

#3 My Favorite Way To Shop For Groceries

Image credits: Dustiniswright

While cringe content is nothing new online, there’s still, somehow, absolutely no shortage of it. The Cringe Pics subreddit, which has the tagline “when it hurts just to look,” has been around for over a decade now and has amassed an impressively large and loyal following. With 1.5 million members, this subreddit is the perfect place to go when you want to feel a little bit better about yourself, yet simultaneously lose a bit of faith in the rest of humanity. Anything from embarrassing posts on social media to screenshots of texts that should have never been sent, buckle up, because you’re in for a boatload of cringe, pandas!  

Although r/cringepics has been around since 2012, the moderators recently posted new rules for the group, as it has just “reopened.” Nowadays, only 3 types of posts are allowed: “photos of people cringing, photos of Spez, and drawn/artistic/written words ‘Cringe’ to take Cringe pics literal.” There are a few more rules to keep the group civil, such as no content involving minors, remove all personal data and no content involving mentally ill people. But as long as the content is harmless and cringeworthy, members are encouraged to “get creative!” 

#4 The Incel Community Is Having A Nuclear Meltdown Because One Of Their Leaders Finally Got Laid

Image credits: LuNoZzy

#5 I Can See The Disgust In The Waiters Eyes

Image credits: dimon13456

#6 A Tattoo Shop In My Area Post This

Image credits: TastefulTexas

I remember sitting in a movie theater in San Antonio, Texas, watching the Bo Burnham film Eighth Grade with my mother and brother and feeling intense physical pain from cringing too hard. As a woman who was once an insecure and sad middle schooler desperate to fit in, I felt sick watching that film. Knowing that I too had been in Kayla’s shoes was heartbreaking, embarrassing and unsettling. I liked the film, but I remember sharing immediately after that it was almost a little too cringey for me, as someone with similar experiences to the main character.

Cringe, particularly cringe comedy, is incredibly popular, though. Shows like Nathan for You, PEN15, Impractical Jokers, Fleabag, The Eric Andre Show and countless others gain massive audiences through making viewers uncomfortable. So what’s the deal with all of this second-hand embarrassment? And why can’t we get enough of it? Alison Herman wrote a piece for The Ringer breaking down the allure of cringe comedy, where she explains that the two involuntary responses this genre causes (laughing and wincing) create a powerful combination that we can’t resist. 

#7 Girl I Used To Work With Got A New Tattoo…

Image credits: SlipperyLou

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#8 Rando Hit Me Up On My Dms Sporadically Over 8 Hours Even After Informing Him I’m Married. I Honestly Would Be So Impressed By His Sheer Audacity If I Wasn’t So Disgusted By Him As A Person Right Now

Image credits: longlostredemption

#9 Predditors Gonna Preddit

Image credits: Maysflowers

Herman notes that the reason we respond so strongly to cringe comedy is due to having empathy for whoever we’re watching. We can relate to their experiences or we’ve lived through essentially the same situation before, and we know how awful the subjects we’re viewing must be feeling. But rather than feeling joy about the sufferer we’re watching, we feel their pain too. There’s no schadenfreude here, it’s just second-hand embarrassment and laughter due to discomfort and possibly the relatability of the scenario. Nathan Fielder may not come off as incredibly likable or relatable, but seeing his interactions with innocent people who have no idea what’s going on makes audiences feel pain for them both. We’re so glad it’s not us, but we can’t look away!    

#10 Printing Out Memes To Affix To Your Truck

Image credits: kabukistar

#11 You Did What Now?

Image credits: rs06rs

#12 This Guy Trying Really Hard To Own This Girl On Facebook

Image credits: lxzgxz

Actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is another pioneer in the field of cringe comedy. From Da Ali G Show to Borat to Who is America?, Cohen seems to have no limits when it comes to making audiences, and participants in his shows, incredibly uncomfortable. Part of the reason shows like these do so well, Herman explains, is because “our vicarious embarrassment isn’t on behalf of a made-up person we then assign authentic emotions; it’s felt for real people, requiring fewer steps to a more visceral payoff. The same setup that makes these stunts so effective is also what opens them up to ethical challenges, though their defenders argue cringe artists only call attention to the exploitation others perform unthinkingly.”

#13 Wow That Is Hilarious

Image credits: AffectionateFig9277

#14 I Like

Image credits: Powerful-Strawberry4

#15 I Posted A Photo In A Curly Hair Group And Got This Chat In My Inbox. My Ugliness Is That Serious

Image credits: No_Supermarket8075

According to Dr. Tara Quinn-Cirillo, cringe is not a clinical term, but it is understood as the “physiological and emotional response [we have] to awkward or embarrassing situations.” And there’s a wide variety of things that can create this reaction, “from being embarrassed about your or another’s behavior, being disgusted at something you have seen or heard, shame around past behavior or appearance or a particular subject you are uncomfortable with such as intimacy or physical illness/injury,” Dr. Quinn-Cirillo told HuffPost. This often happens when we can’t physically run away or remove ourselves from a situation, so our body does everything that it can to tell us we want to flee. 

#16 You Can’t Order A Certain Meal From Mcdonalds Because You’re Not Worthy

Image credits: Beginning-Cost599

#17 A Mom On Tiktok Who Gave Her Kids These Names

Image credits: SmithNotASmith

#18 Elon The Edgelord

Image credits: wouldyafuckup

Despite being uncomfortable, Dr. Quinn-Cirillo says it can be healthy to fight through the cringe. “Wherever possible, try and carry on in a situation where things may not go according to plan, try and remember why you are there in the first place and what values lead you to be in that situation,” she says. “Acknowledge how you feel, what physical sensations you are experiencing, notice how you are behaving or feel like behaving as a result of these symptoms such as wanting to leave the room, talk more rapidly.”

#19 There Is No Spoon

Image credits: CaptchadRobut

#20 Guy My Friend Talked To For A Couple Days Started Posting Poems About Her On His Ig Story

Image credits: ErinJeager13

#21 Rhymes With “Booming”

Image credits: kabukistar

One thing many of us have a habit of cringing about is our past behavior and experiences. For example, perhaps you asked out someone you had a crush on when you were in middle school, only to later find out that you had a huge piece of food in your teeth when you did it. Or maybe you had a haircut in high school that you’d like to wipe from the memories of everyone you knew. “It can be hard to embrace elements of your past self that have association with distress,” Dr. Quinn-Cirillo told HuffPost. “However, if we can learn to ‘lean in’ to our emotional responses and memories and make room for the fact that our past experiences often play a crucial role in shaping our adult selves.”

#22 Why??

Image credits: Big_James993

#23 30 Year Old Guy Doesn’t Understand He’s Been Ghosted And Thinks The Girl He Met Once Isn’t Replying Because Something Happened To Her; Plans To Inquire About Her At Her Workplace

Image credits: cutepinkcactus

#24 Why?

Image credits: RowBowBooty

With all of the social media we have nowadays and limitless opportunities to document our lives online, it seems that our exposure to cringe content is going through the roof. But that’s okay! We’re all capable (and guilty) of being cringe worthy, and it’s probably time we stop fighting it. But there’s a difference between accidentally doing something embarrassing and posting all of your deepest fears about dating on your public Facebook profile. So don’t be too hard on yourself for the cringey moments, but don’t be scared to dial back on social media as well, if it will help you limit or prevent some of them. 

#25 Not A Sewing Machine

Image credits: Mynamejeaff

#26 Hey Again

Image credits: Ben-Drowns-Again

#27 My Aunt Posted A Photo Of Herself That Her First Cousin Just Had To Comment On

Image credits: JadeShade

Are you in physical pain from cringing too hard at this list, pandas? Please remember to relax your jaw and lower your shoulders, so you aren’t in need of a massage after scrolling through these pics. Keep upvoting the ones that you find shockingly cringey, and let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on this embarrassing behavior. Then, if you’re looking for Bored Panda’s last article featuring the Cringe Pics subreddit, you can find it right here

#28 Someone Actually Wrote This On Their Resume I Got Today, The Whole Thing Was 4 Pages Of This

Image credits: shirubakun

#29 Meta

Image credits: Cheeselad2401

#30 This Christian Dude Not Getting As Many Views As Other People? We Must Be The Last Days!

Image credits: yeetsa-yasta

#31 “Sorry, I Don’t Make The Rules.”

Image credits: Digita-Pntics

#32 “Sit On My Lap So I Can Take A Dramatic Reenactment Photo Of Us When We Heard Charges Were Dropped”

Image credits: Sad_Platform9466

#33 This Person’s Reply

Image credits: Loex_

#34 This

Image credits: Consiglieri_

#35 Panhandler Patrol

Image credits: wish_yooper_here

#36 “Did I Blow It?”

Image credits: EntireLeasing

#37 What

Image credits: large_squirrel_

#38 Hate To Break It To Ya Kiddo But 19 Crimes Is Not Something To Brag About

Image credits: BoopBoop20

#39 So She Is Saying She “Bred”. Like A Dog?

Image credits: Loud-One-6396

#40 What The Hell Dude

Image credits: Yeslol0101010

#41 This Weirdo Has Been Stealing Bags From All The Way Back To 2018 And Wearing The Clothes In It

Image credits: mods_are_bitches_

#42 There Are A Ton Of Scammers On Fb Marketplace And When This Lady Asked For My Phone Number I Assumed She Was One And Sent A Rude Response. Turns Out She Is A Real Person And Knows My Mom. She Blocked Me

Image credits: iamfunnys0metimes

#43 Cops In Georgia Bragging About Stealing A Guys Car Over A Dab Pen

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Pickup Artists…

Image credits: Ger14n5

#45 Seems A Bit Extreme

Image credits: Inspire_resistal

#46 Do I Even Need To Say Anything?

Image credits: brys777

#47 On My Yoga Facebook Group, This Woman Keeps “Slipping Nugs.”

Image credits: anxiousreader2

#48 Disney Adults Are An Entirely Different Species

Image credits: Misery7

#49 “Purely Out Of Curiosity”

Image credits: shrkattck88

#50 Hey, I’m A Marine! Can I Get A Discount?

Image credits: Sunny43037

#51 My Little Sister Shared A Meme Of Andrew Tate Online And Got An Interesting Response

Image credits: okcomputer14

#52 “We Swedes” – Probably Said By Someone Whose Great Great Grandfather Came From Sweden, And Who Has Never Travelled Further Than The State Border. Then They Dare To Even Lump Us Together With Little Brother Norway!

Image credits: WhoAmIEven2

#53 Friend Sent This To Me Because The Girl He Was Texting Stopped Talking To Him After He Sent This

Image credits: NekoNekoKneeeCaps

#54 Average Lol Convo

Image credits: LeftTemplat

#55 A Real Job Offer Of Acting Website Backstage

Image credits: PhantomVHS

#56 Me Being Bisexual Guy

Image credits: Impressive-Jump7318

#57 Apparently Being Old And Maybe Having Hearing Problems Will Make You Undeserving Of Help…

Image credits: Chemical-Impact-98

#58 My Mom Was Texting This Guy Off Of Bumble

Image credits: ToothpasteCoveredDog

#59 I’ve Had The Stomach Flu For A Week But This Guy From Tinder Doesn’t Understand That I Don’t Feel Like Hanging Out Or Taking Edibles

Image credits: lamefruitsalad

#60 Animemes

Image credits: Tokita_Ban

#61 She’s Had The Last Staw

Image credits: cirq_de_so_lame

#62 My Dude Just Stop

Image credits: Twelve-Majestic-Lies

#63 Guy Flaunts His Bank Account In An Attempt To Woo This Lady (Found On Social Media. Swipe Right To See More Pics)

Image credits: AsianVixen4U

#64 I Checked My Tinder Messages At The End Of The Day To Find This Gem

Image credits: luminabelle6

#65 Yes

Image credits: myheadhurts42O

#66 A Message My Friend Received

Image credits: fukkinfred

#67 I Made The Mistake Of Requesting A Quote For A Service, And Now This Salesperson Pitifully Nags Me Every Other Day

Image credits: 100aozach

#68 “Unlucky” Luciano

Image credits: DanTheDollar

#69 Hmu Btchs

Image credits: il4nesr3j

#70 I Feel Like There’s An Awful Story Behind This

Image credits: nny909

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