Date Ghosts Woman Half-Way Through Their Vacation, So The Internet Helps Her Figure Out Why

There’s nothing like taking a romantic, beach-side vacation with your significant other. Sipping piña coladas in the sand and soaking up all of the sunshine you can feels even nicer when you’re with someone you love. But when you’re in a new relationship, taking a trip together can be risky. As one woman recently found out, your date might seemingly vanish into thin air.

Below, you’ll find a series of TikToks Chanzaandchill recently shared, detailing her experience being ghosted by a date while on vacation, as well as all of the discoveries TikTok sleuths brought to light following the mysterious disappearance.

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This woman was flown out to Miami to have a romantic getaway

Image credits: chanzandchill

Guys, this guy flew me to Miami for our like second date for like a vacation thing, and I’m pretty sure he ghosted me while we were here, like, he left. I have no idea why, and I really, I know this sounds like, naive, I really don’t think it was anything I did, but TBD, because I don’t know why he left, or when he left, or how, he drove, but whatever.

We’re gonna call him Michael for the purpose of this story. So yesterday Michael was like, ‘oh I’m gonna go get lunch with my sister really quickly, I haven’t seen her in two years, I’ll be back at noon,’ I was like, ‘okay cool, just don’t forget we have these hard-to-get lunch reservations at 1:30.’ He was like, ‘yeah, I’ll be back before that.’

But things quickly went wrong when she realized her date was nowhere to be found

Image credits: chanzandchill

So I went to the pool, minding my business, you know, soaking up the sun. At 1:10, I was like, ‘Hey, where are you? Like, don’t forget about lunch.’ No answer. And then at 1:20, I said, ‘where are you? Like, are you picking me up for lunch?’ Cause he has his car here. Like he drove a couple of hours away from Tampa.

And I was like, ‘Hey, like, where are you?’ Then I started getting really frustrated and I texted something like, ‘yo this is just so disrespectful to me and my time and like, blah blah blah.’ And he’s like, ‘hey sorry to be non-responsive, I just found out some devastating news, blah blah blah blah blah.’

He began sending vague responses as to why he disappeared

Image credits: chanzandchill

Okay, I’m a very caring person, I don’t think that’s the word, but I’m a very trusting person so I was like, ‘oh yeah, like something happened?’ Which, to this time, I feel like something still happened.

My friends don’t think that something happened, they’re like, ‘oh he definitely has a secret wife who’s like, get your a*s home.’ But it gets worse. I pushed the reservation back too, he misses that reservation too. And like, this is before he told me he had this, quote, “devastating incident.”

Image credits: chanzandchill

And so room service, or not room service, housekeeping – and I promise this is important – housekeeping ends up coming. And I was like, okay, like this is at 3:30. I think I was like, you can come on in. And after they made the bed, I took a nap.

And so obviously they cleaned the shower too, which is important. And as I’m getting ready to go hang out with some of my other friends, I was like, ‘f**k this.’ And I think this is still before I knew what happened. Actually, I think I knew that there was this, quote, “devastating event.”

And so then I look around and I look in the corner and I realized his stuff’s not there. I was like, did he come get his stuff while I was taking a nap?

So CP was left to enjoy as much of the vacation as she could on her own

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Image credits: chanzandchill

Like, that is so disrespectful. And there is the possibility that he possibly got it while I was at the pool and he was supposed to be home by noon and like all of that.

That could have possibly been when he got it, but I don’t know because we’re both very clean when we travel. So our stuff is like very compact and almost like it’s somebody’s bedroom.

Image credits: aurora.kreativ (not the actual photo)

But if he did get it while I was napping, that’s disrespectful. And I noticed this morning when I was showering that there was a washcloth that was wet in there.

I was like, did he get his stuff and then shower because housekeeping would have cleaned it up yesterday if he had showered before they came. And I was like, ‘what the f**k, that would be so disrespectful.’

My friends like were like, you were sleeping through all of this? I was like, yeah, I’m a tank. So not quite sure what’s happening right now. Keep you guys updated.

Image credits: Andre Tan (not the actual photo)

You can see the first video CP shared about the entire experience right here

@chanzandchill Ill keep yall updated #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

Later, she was given some bombshell information about her date from another woman

Image credits: chanzandchill

CP then continued sharing updates on TikTok as sleuths uncovered more details

@chanzandchill Replying to @CP Dating horror story update‼️‼️‼️ Also, house was purchased in 2020, so she xant be the ex wife that hes referenced from a 2010 divorce #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

Here she explains the texts she received from another woman who dated the man

@chanzandchill Replying to @CP UPDATE #2! Dating horror story #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

She also addressed whether or not she planned on reaching out to his wife

@chanzandchill Replying to @Jess Am i going to tell the wife? Dating horror story #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

And later answered some of the FAQs viewers were curious about

@chanzandchill Replying to @kristopherbands FAQs – Dating horror story #dating #toxic #onlinedating #datinghorrorstory #exboyfriend #funnystorytime #relatable ♬ original sound – CP

Finally, CP shared the last message her date sent her

Image credits: chanzandchill

Invested viewers shared their thoughts on the videos, and CP joined in on the conversation

Infidelity is unfortunately quite common, even in marriages

When we meet someone we’re interested in, it can be easy to look past any red flags and focus on the positives. So what if he lives in a different state? Give him the benefit of the doubt! He’s willing to fly you to Miami? That’s so romantic! But unfortunately, not everyone has the best intentions when entering romantic relationships, and it’s wise for all of us to know how to assess a situation logically. 

Gitnux reports that 30% of Tinder users are married, and according to Discreet Investigations, 20% of married men admit to sleeping with someone other than their spouse while being married. On the other hand, only 13% of married women say they’ve had sex with someone outside of their marriage, making men slightly more inclined to cheat. Men also become more likely to cheat as they get older, making the largest group of men who commit infidelity those in their 70s, at a whopping 26%. 

As far as why people decide to stray from their partners,  Kelly Campbell, PhD, a Professor of Psychology at California State University, San Bernardino, told that there are a variety of reasons. They might rank low for agreeableness and conscientiousness; they might not feel their life is intertwined with their partner’s; they may see their partner’s differences as flaws; and they may have become narcissistic.

There are a few key red flags to look out for if you’re suspicious of your partner

One concerning fact is that no matter how healthy your marriage may seem, that doesn’t mean it’s immune to being infiltrated by infidelity. 56% of men who cheat describe their marriages as happy or very happy, and one third of women who cheat feel the same way. So when we’re looking to date someone new, how do we know if the person who charmed us on Tinder is already committed to someone else already? 

According to Your Tango, there are a few trademark signs to look out for that might raise significant red flags. If they won’t tell you their full name or give you many details about where they live and work, they might be hiding something. Social media can reveal a lot about a person, so if they claim to not have any accounts, that might raise some eyebrows.

Secretive behavior surrounding their cell phone is also suspicious. If they don’t save you as your real name in their contacts or are extremely concerned about you seeing or touching their phone, it could be full of secrets. Or, if you never contact each other through your actual phone numbers, and rather social media or other apps, that could be a problem.

If you discover that they’re married, it’s best to maintain your dignity and walk away

It’s also concerning if they never want to meet in public or have an extraordinarily busy schedule and can never seem to find time for you, outside of bizarre hours. If they refuse to introduce you to friends and family or suddenly disappear at random times, that’s a red flag. Always paying in cash? Also suspicious. So what are we to do if we realize that the person we’re dating is actually married?

Love Strategies says it’s important to look at the situation realistically and resist the urge to get your hopes up. He probably has no plans to ever leave his partner, as many people just enjoy the thrill of having an affair without thinking about it impacting their future. In fact, only 3-5% of men actually end up marrying their mistresses. It’s best to keep your dignity and walk away from this person, no matter how much it hurts. And if you’d like to inform their partner or spouse, that’s up to you, but remember to do so delicately. You may be turning their entire world upside down.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, pandas. What would you have done if you were ghosted like this woman? Do you think she should tell his wife? Feel free to share, and then if you’d like to read another Bored Panda article, check out this one discussing drama caused by infidelity!   

Amused viewers had plenty to say about the whole saga in the comments

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