Design Entrepreneurs, Take Note: Smart, Low-Cost 3D-Printed Objects to Make Camping Easier

Here’s a great example of a design entrepreneur with a 3D printer, and how they were able to parlay some good design ideas based on their hobbies into a successful Etsy shop.

The aptly-named TreeHugger Systems came up with this simple, 3D-printed $12 hook and bungie system ($12) to keep a backpack up off of the ground:

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An even simpler 3D-printed $4 cord wrap:

A $12, lightweight 3D-printed utility knife and cord wrap that integrates an off-the-shelf cheapie compass:

And this simple Camping Gear Plate that goes for $9.60 and keeps things organized in your backpack:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The shop’s sales are in the hundreds and the margins can’t be huge, but the reviews are all solid. All in all, an inspiring example of a guy or gal with good ideas using digital fabrication to start a successful small business. Investigate your hobbies; this could be you!

Source: core77

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