Design for a Bottle Where You Don't Have to Take Your Eyes Off the Road When Drinking From It

I might be the only person in this county who hasn’t hit a deer yet. You see the roadside carcasses and/or blood-smeared pavement regularly. I keep my eyes glued to the twisty roads down here, and even still have had a few near misses; the deer seem to spring out of nowhere.

Which leads me to water bottles. I don’t like the typical design because you have to tilt your head back and up-end them to get a drink, which I don’t like to do behind the wheel. You can get around this with a straw, but we’re supposed to be moving towards a straw-free future.

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Which in turn leads me to this interesting Double Drink student concept, designed by Run-Ze Zhang, Xin-Ru Liu and Hong-Bin Yu out of the Product Design program at China’s Liaoning University of Technology. While not expressly designed for this purpose, it would allow you to keep your eyes on the road:

I have no idea how you’d manufacture it (nor clean it), and I think the bottle oughtn’t have rotational symmetry, but should be shaped in such a way that grabbing it orients the drinking aperture nearest your mouth. But for student work and re-thinking the UX of an everyday object, I think it’s pretty darn good.

Source: core77

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