Designer Illustrates E-mail Do’s And Don’ts To ‘E-mail Like A Boss’

Miscommunication is part of life, when it happens between friends or family a hug or a joke can repair the situation – but when miscommunication happens in the workplace the result can be disastrous. E-mail is a vital feature of workplace connections and thus is a ripe area for wires to get crossed, all because of the wrong phrasing or the wrong punctuation.

Fortunately, the designer and illustrator of ADHD webcomics, Dani Donovan, has the solution with her brilliant chart that explains how to e-mail like a boss. Laid out are some of the most common errors we probably all have made when trying to craft a professional e-mail and the best alternatives. Scroll down below for her tips – it could save you at work!

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Illustrator Dani Donovan has designed a brilliant chart of e-mail tips for professionals

Along with the graphics Donovan wrote an explanation of what prompted her to write the handy guide: “I have a bad habit of overusing exclamation points, emojis, and qualifiers like “just” and “possibly” to sound extra-friendly and non-threatening in emails. (“Just wondering / just confirming / just checking / just making sure / just wanted to let you know”).”

She added that it was important for people to speak up clearly about their needs and that they shouldn’t apologize for it, “You are allowed to take up space. Your voice deserves to be heard. Your opinions matter. You don’t need to apologize for existing or asking for what you need. You are not “bossy” or “bitchy” for not sounding like a pep-machine 24/7.”

And emphasized how important clear communication was essential in standing up for yourself, “If you act like a doormat, you better develop a taste for shoe leather. You have power too. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself— no one else is gonna do it for you.”

Donovan is a also a graphic designer at Gallup and Co-owns One Night Brands

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