Dipping Car Bodies in Gigantic Baths to Remove All Paint and Rust Looks Wildly Satisfying

Pennsylvania-based Trevor Malloy describes himself as a “professional stripper…of paint and rust.” The company he works for, 3S Chemicals, takes rusted car bodies and dips them in a series of gigantic baths, then power-washes them. All paint and rust are thoroughly removed, previously unseen Bondo patches are exposed (and blasted away), the body is treated with an anti-rust coating, and the car’s restorer then gets to start with fresh metal.

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“I make metal naked, and it’s satisfying,” Malloy writes. I’m envious; is there anything like seeing a ’69 Porsche come out of an acid bath, waiting for you to blast it shiny again?

In this video Malloy explains how the process works (and discusses the shockingly low cost), and you get to see a lot of satisfying before/afters:

I can’t believe it’s just $2,400, I’d have thought it’d be closer to five figures! I think the biggest obstacle for car restorers would be the dismantling of the car’s components beforehand.

Malloy’s Instagram and TikTok are filled with plenty of short 3S vids, but I’ll warn you, it’s addictive.

Source: core77

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