“Dogs With Jobs”: 140 Adorable And Wholesome Pics From This Online Group

Dog lovers know very well how their canine friends make their lives better every day. But apart from being overwhelmingly cute, fun and loving, some woofers are also serving their communities and those in need by doing what they know best– making the world a better place.

And this wholesome corner of Reddit known as the Dogs With Jobs community is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating the real working dogs.

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Created back in 2014, the community is home to 848k members who tune in for posts about dogs who are trained specifically to perform particular jobs and tasks. Think of guide dogs, service dogs, herding dogs, police dogs, sled dogs, and so on.

Below we selected the most inspiring examples, so scroll down and upvote your favorite ones as you go!

#1 I Was Laughing And My Dog Thought I Was Hyperventilating And Got Me My Emergency Inhaler. Thanks Pal? Lol

Image credits: ohnorosa

#2 I Would Be So Proud Of My Dog If He Got This Job

Image credits: mikewall

#3 The Vancouver Police Department Made A Police Dog Calendar. This Badass Photo Of A K9 And Its Handler Is In It

Image credits: gangbangkang

A service dog is a dog that has been specially trained to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. The most common type of service dog is a guide dog, which helps people who are blind or have low vision. Other types of service dogs can assist people who are deaf or hard of hearing, have seizure disorders, or have mobility impairments.

It’s important to note that service dogs are not the same as pet dogs. They undergo extensive training to perform specific tasks and are protected by federal law. Moreover, service dogs are allowed to go places that pet dogs are not, such as inside businesses and on public transportation.

#4 Take Your Kid To Work Day (Therapy Dog Edition)

Image credits: BiggieBoiTroy

#5 This Is Ronny From Ohio Highway Patrol. He Tried Really Hard For His Picture Okay Don’t Make Fun Of Him

Image credits: k0ella

#6 Goodboi Doggo, Uuno, Works Very Hard As A Video Game Developer

Image credits: Remember__Me

People who use service dogs typically have a disability that limits their ability to perform activities of daily living. For example, a person who is blind may rely on a guide dog to help them get around. A person with a mobility impairment may use a service dog to help them with tasks such as opening doors or picking up things that they have dropped.

Therefore, service dogs can provide invaluable assistance to people with disabilities. They can help increase independence and self-confidence, and provide companionship.

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#7 This Best Boye Helping Children Testify

Image credits: et-tuBrute

#8 K9 At Their Training

Image credits: duuuk

#9 Supervisor Dog Monitors Your Lunch Breaks

Image credits: jmascoli

Between the public access manners and the specialized skills required for a particular disability, based on the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) guidelines, training a service dog requires a minimum of 120 hours of training for at least 6 months (depending on the dog and the required skills). During that time, dogs also need to work a minimum of 30 hours in public settings to help them generalize their skills and teach them to be responsive and unobtrusive in a variety of public places.

#10 This Is Morty. He Was Deployed In Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria And Jumped 30 Feet Out Of A Helicopter When He Caught The Scent Of Someone In Need. He’s Now In Nc For Hurricane Florence

Image credits: gangbangkang

#11 The Best Job

Image credits: DisDudeForReal

#12 This Is Benny. He Was The Therapy Dog At The Middle School In The Town I Live. He’s Being Forced Into Retirement Because Of His Health. I Guess I Just Wanted The World To Know About This Wonderful Pupper

Image credits: pancakesfordintonite

In case you wonder, it takes a special dog to be a service dog. Many dogs can be trained to pick up objects, alert to changes in glucose levels, help with balance, interrupt repetitive patterns and offer comfort. Not every dog, however, can handle going out in public. Going to a mall may not seem like a big challenge, but the crowd, the sounds, the shiny surfaces, the carts, the elevators, etc. can be very stressful to many dogs. 

#13 Need

Image credits: AnoushkaChopra

#14 This Is Arty, He Is In Training To Be A Service Or Therapy Dog. At This Rate, Probably A Therapy Dog

Image credits: Filleroftoilets

#15 Search And Rescue Over Fetch Any Day

Image credits: Houseplatho

A good candidate to be a service dog is both a confident and social dog. A dog that is easy going and likes to greet every new person. For a shy and anxious dog, being out in public could be a source of stress and anxiety. Just like people, when dogs are anxious, they are more likely to be on the lookout for potential threats. They might bark, growl or even bite if they don’t feel safe. Additionally, a dog concerned about his/her own safety will not be able to focus on the handler and provide the needed assistance.

#16 My Boy, Teddy, Is The Official Greeter At My Store. He Comes With His Own Faq

Image credits: tropicalmedly

#17 That’s Called A Selective Snooot

Image credits: EXIDFanboy

#18 Lifeguards Ready To Save The Day In Croatia

Image credits: Fitbumblebee

#19 Depressed 9/11 Rescue Dogs

Finding survivors was dangerous and thankless work. The rescue crews suffered limitations, like dangerous and smoldering debris, and tight access. To aid in their efforts, some employed dogs to help. After the collapse, they pulled only 23 people from the debris, 15 of them rescue workers who’d compromised their own safety. Rescuers removed the last survivor 27 hours after the collapse.

Rescue dogs were finding so few living survivors, they would become noticeably depressed, thinking they weren’t doing a good job. Handlers would hide in the rubble to allow the dogs to “find” them, boosting their spirit and morale.

Image credits: seesquaredd

#20 Penguin Guards!

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 A Friendly Bomb Sniffing Pupper At Congress Wearing Booties To Protect His Paws From Broken Glass

Image credits: StartRunMspaint

#22 Not All Dogs Have Wholesome Jobs

Image credits: Whitlow14

#23 The Best Of Boys

Image credits: getahaircut8

#24 My Hometown Pd Threw This Brave Officer A Birthday Party. Happy Birthday, Max!

Image credits: everdayday

#25 A Bored Sniffer Dog, Complete With Blep

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#26 This Is Bill. Yesterday He Had His First Day Of Training To Be My Medical Alert Dog. He’s Going To Be The First Medical Alert Dog For My Illness In Australia And Will Learn How To Save My Life. Here He Is Wearing An Assistance Dog Coat And Visiting A Shopping Centre For The First Time

Image credits: lauraraurala

#27 My Buddies Dog Who Is Trained To Dig Up Sea Turtle Nests So They Can Be Safely Incubated And Set Free After The Hatch

Image credits: imjustadudeguy

#28 Where Was Jessie When I Got An Mri

Image credits: MathBlur

#29 A Very Photogenic Guide Dog

Image credits: bitchyswiftie

#30 Bretagne. The Last Known 9/11 Search And Rescue Dog, Died At Age 16. The Goodest Girl

Image credits: fulleffect7737

#31 Blind Owner Michael Hingson With His Guide Dog Roselle, Who LED Him And 30 Others Down 78 Stories Out Of The World Trade Center On 9/11

Image credits: unknown_human

#32 Meet Bród And Shadow, The President Of Ireland’s Two Bodyguards

Image credits: HouseSelmy

#33 The Goodest Boye With The Bestest Job!

My local hardware has a dog that follows you around, and takes your items to the counter for you.

Image credits: Kuma_Paws_376

#34 Remember The Dog That Appeared On The Frontpage Being Rescued During A Flood In Mexico? They Adopted It And Is Now In Training To Be A Rescue Dog

Image credits: GuyWithoutModem

#35 A Messenger Doggo

Image credits: Dronesandwildshit

#36 When Espn Had Air Bud Do Commentary For A Basketball Game

Image credits: ksklar99

#37 On 9/11, We Would Like To Honor The Men, Women, And K9s That Risked And Lost Their Lives

Image credits: exploreorg

#38 He Protecc From The Back

Image credits: PHPApple

#39 Best Coworker Ever!!

Image credits: Mrs_WillieStroker

#40 Retired Good Boy Harley Just Wants To Go Back To Work

Image credits: caradee

#41 Bazz The Beekeeper

Image credits: Stegosaurus_Peas

#42 Doggo Has Wares If You Have Coin

Image credits: claytrizzle

#43 Meed The Mayor Of Idyllwild, Ca. His Name Is Max. He’s A Very Good Boi

Image credits: ambthab

#44 Average Size For An Oregon Black Truffle Is Between 1 And 2 Ounces. Today Rhu Found A Perfect 7.0 Once Truffle!

Image credits: I_wear_foxgloves

#45 A Much-Deserved Day Off

Image credits: keelymepie

#46 I Volunteered To Be A Patient For A Research Study On The Effects Of Dog Therapy For Depression. This Is Thor, I’ll Be Working With Him Until The End Of The Study, He’s Been Making Me Feel Better

Image credits: blargennflargenn

#47 My Local Print Shop Has A Dog Working The Counter

Image credits: Gabriel_NDG

#48 Orientation

Image credits: Whitlow14

#49 This Is Elvis, Who Holds The Very Specialized Job Of Polar Bear Pregnancy Sniffer. He Can Detect Pregnancy In Polar Bear Poop With 97% Accuracy!

Image credits: CatPooedInMyShoe

#50 Mleming For A Living

Image credits: leonardodankvinci

#51 He Goes In For Surgery Tomorrow On An Unknown Lump On His Back. Please Send Love. He Is My World And Many Others, As A Therapy Dog

Image credits: allygadget

#52 This Weird Dog Who’s A Security Guard?

Image credits: Fiskove

#53 This Is Razor, A Retired Ied Sniffer Dog Who Worked In Afghanistan And Visited Our School Today. Good Boy Level: Over 9000!

Image credits: Iawnmoher

#54 B O O M B O Y E

Image credits: Choanov

#55 Biscuit, A Staff Moral Officer

Image credits: thecockmeister

#56 Meet Aunt B, A Young Mini Doodle With A Very Important Job. She Works For Funeral Homes, As A Comfort Dog For People Who’ve Lost Loved Ones. Her Life Is Filled With Love As She Brings Love To All. 100/10 For This Compassionate Woof

Image credits: mac_is_crack

#57 Ignore Her!!

Image credits: Whaleorgyparty

#58 “Mission Complete” For Sully, George H. W. Bush’s Service Dog

Image credits: ExpectoPentium

#59 My Grandma’s New Service Dog Sadie, Showing Off Her Best Good Girl Smile For The Camera

Image credits: HIGHly_intALEXual

#60 Hi, My Name Is Socrates And Today Is My 14th Birthday! I’m Also Throwing In The Bone, And Going Into Retirement After A Long Career As A Guide Dog. Would You Please Help Me Celebrate Virtually, Since Covid Has Taken In Person Parties Away? Let’s Have A Bow Wow Wow Blowout Online!

Image credits: weston4321

#61 Rookie

Image credits: Whitlow14

#62 He Doesn’t Have A Job Yet, But He’s Ready For His Interview

Image credits: Ze_N_ith

#63 Taco Has The Coolest Job At The Marketing Agency

Image credits: KimJongJer

#64 It’s Been 1 Year Since I Laid Molly To Rest. She’s Credited With Finding The Remains Of 62 Different Us Soldiers. So Their Bodies Could Be Brought Back To Their Families. She Was My Best Friend She Was My Comforter And She Was My Antidepressant. A Day Doesn’t Go By That I Don’t Think About Her

Image credits: Prometheus0822

#65 This Police Doggo Loves To Lick

Image credits: BeefJyrkii

#66 My Service Dog’s Senior Pictures

Image credits: pignoodle

#67 I’m Surprised No One Is Talking About This Good Boy Guarding Area 51

Image credits: salid_dressing

#68 Congrats To The New First Dogs!

Image credits: Nach0Man_RandySavage

#69 This Is Sombra. A Colombian Drug Dog With A $70,000 Bounty On Her Head

Image credits: bulletproofjake

#70 Took A Break In The Sun, Coworkers Checked In To See If I Was Ok (Maremma Livestock Guardians)

Image credits: SufficientAtmosphere

#71 Freelance Sign Spinner Farm Dog

Image credits: DDiggler4U2

#72 A Durian Seller

Image credits: GallowPlaceholder

#73 Vp Of Security Taking His Job Too Seriously

Image credits: RebornHarambe

#74 My Sweet Boy Keeps My Balance As I Browse The Stacks

Image credits: trisarahsocks

#75 Hitch Is A 6 Year Old Police Dog In France That Is Retiring And Now Looking For A Warm Family To Live Its Retirement

Image credits: 12-7DN

#76 Found This On One Of My Architectural Consultant’s Website, On Their “People” Page

Image credits: Captain_Joelbert87

#77 This Is Crumpet. She Is Not A Service Dog. She Just Doesn’t Like Epilepsy Or Her Owner Being Stuck In The Hospital. She Barks Before I Have A Seizure. She Figured It Out On Her Own As A Puppy In About Two Weeks. My Falls Have Gone Way Down Since This Lil Pup Arrived

Image credits: Xantippi

#78 F U T U R E D O G G O

Image credits: not_shadowbanned_yet

#79 Hospital Dog Photo Day

Image credits: WoodySoprano

#80 This Girl Is Just Taking A Break From A Long Day Of Leading A Team Of 10 Dogs (And A Human) On A Sled Ride!

Image credits: ellendetoffee

#81 Good Hotel Doggo

Image credits: readyplayer01

#82 This Is Georgia, She’s A Service Dog For A Vet With Ptsd. Right Now She’s In Labor Giving Birth To Beautiful Future Service Dogs, Wish Her Luck

Image credits: dshark789

#83 My Mum Has Parkinson’s And My Rescue Pitbull Will Rest His Head On Whatever Part Of Her Body Tremors The Worst. He’s Done This Without Training. Last Night He Had His Chin On Her Feet For An Hour Until She Fell Asleep

Image credits: MissVictoriaE

#84 May Have Gotten Fired But She Found Work Again

Image credits: mebeking16

#85 Ozzie The Airport Comfort Dog Is A 12/10 Good Boy Even When Being Ignored

Image credits: Sunnyinma

#86 Doggo Of The Month

Image credits: sai_vip

#87 The Rarest Dog With A Job I Have Ever Seen! K9 Callie, The Only Us Air Force Search And Rescue Dog, After A Skydive!

Image credits: derawin07

#88 Good Boy Trying His Best To Cheer Me Up After I Got Run Over As A Child

Image credits: reddit.com

#89 From Living In A Carport Covered In Ticks, To Now Landing Her Dream Job As A Dog Treat Test Taster. She’s Living The Doggo Dream

Image credits: korimagnolia

#90 My Dog Comes To Work Everyday. Officially His Title Is “Chief Morale Officer” But Mostly He Is A Professional Napper In His Bed Under My Desk

Image credits: mydogisincharge

#91 Stanley The Truffle Hunting Dog Proud Of His Find

Image credits: reddit.com

#92 This Is Argas He Protects The Pregnant Does At The Dairy Goat Farm Where I Work

Image credits: veniepenie

#93 Sven The Children’s Hospital Dog And His Giant Poster

Image credits: LauraVi

#94 Since You All Were So Supportive Of Lily The Other Week; Here Is An Update… I Installed A Bell So That The Dogs Could Let Me Know When They Wanted To Go Outside. Lily Has Realized That This Summons Me So Now She Uses It To Demand Treats. I’ve Created An Adorable Monster

Image credits: papamoneybux

#95 This Is Rusty. He Volunteers At My Local Hospital Cheering Up Patients. He Never Leaves Home Without His Glasses And Work Bandana. He Is So Famous And Loved By The Public, That The Hospital Commissioned A Painting Of Rusty To Commemorate His Work

Image credits: alicemalice13

#96 Someone Spotted A Mall Security Doggo Taking Selfies With His Human Partner!

Image credits: She_Who_Loves_Horror

#97 Service Dog Gets A Present At IKEA

Image credits: CalmingDog

#98 This Is Watson. He Works At The Henry Doorly Zoo In Omaha,nebraska. He Helps Comfort Children Who Get Hurt At The Zoo. He Has Worked For The Zoo For 6 Years

Image credits: thekidsarentok

#99 No One Messes With Willie

Image credits: p11s

#100 Even Cookie Puppers Have A Job To Do

Image credits: JaderBug12

#101 Stayed At An Airbnb In Portland. It Was This Doggos Job (If Requested By The Guests) To Keep Us Company While We Were In During The Day. Just Had To Call Her Down To Our Floor Of The House

Image credits: thiccasssocks

#102 Doggo Misses His Jobbo

Image credits: tejastom

#103 What I Secretly Wish Every Service Animal’s Vest Said

Image credits: mikewall

#104 Explosive-Detecting Doggo Retirement Party—the Black & Chocolate Labs Are Retiring From Service With The Federal Courts And Fire Marshal, Respectively, And The Other Two Are Their Replacements!

Image credits: ReluctantMuse

#105 Now That’s The Kind Of Yearbook I Wanna See!

Image credits: yeerk_slayer

#106 The Memorial To Army Dog “Sally” Of The 11th Pennsylvania Infantry Who Survived The Battle Of Gettysburg And Was Noted For Standing Watch For Two Days Over The Fallen Men Of Her Regiment

Image credits: Tillerman10

#107 This Is Hope, The Newest Recruit For The Dupage County Sheriff’s Office In Illinois. She Just Started Her Training And Will Soon Be Finding Missing People And Tracking Suspects

Image credits: reddit.com

#108 This Guy Looks So Happy!

Image credits: jeranga

#109 When It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day, But You’re A K-9 Unit

Image credits: ItsZizk

#110 Max Worked As A Drug Sniffer Dog Before Coming To My Family. Then He Served As Head Of Security And Employee Wellbeing At The Family Business For 10 Years. Here He Is Enjoying A Heated Pet Bed And His Own Heater On A Cold Day Last Winter. Rip Buddy

Image credits: ClaraElizabethCohen

#111 My Friend Is Flying Home With Her New Seeing Eye Dog

Image credits: TheSheepdog

#112 This Dog Works At Pets At Home And It’s The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Image credits: Lordphylogeny

#113 Handsome Boy And Deaf Doggo 8 Track. His Cool, Friendly Demeanor Helps Me Work With Shy, New Dogs During Temperament Testing, So We Can Make Their Lives The Best. Also Works Hard To Keep Playtime From Getting Too Rough With A Strong Dominance That Is Always Fatherly, Never Aggressive

Image credits: erethismdesign

#114 An Applause For The Hollywood Doggos

Image credits: i-like-to-be-wooshed

#115 Rip Fang The K9. He Died In The Line Of Duty This Week While Pursuing An Armed Carjacking Suspect

Image credits: gangbangkang

#116 Works At Home Depot

Image credits: reddit.com

#117 This Girl Named Panda Smiled At Me Like This For Her Entire Plane Ride Shift (Service Dog)

Image credits: librolass

#118 Saw This Pupper All Tuckered Out From Doing His Job At Grand Central Station In NYC

Image credits: OnstagePlague08

#119 This Very Good Boy Is Celebrating His Birthday Today

Image credits: dindu_d2

#120 Our Dogs Go To ‘Work’ With My Dad (A Landscaper). Today I Caught Them Snoozing On The Job In The Back Seat

Image credits: is_it_a_lie

#121 Lawyer Pup Will Proudly Represent You Pro Bone-O

Image credits: estherthegrump

#122 This Is Rocky! He Is One Of Vail Mtn’s Avalanche Rescue Dogs!

Image credits: austinD93

#123 Science Service Dog, “Just Watching My Human Do Science.” Safety First. Personal Protective Equipment

Image credits: ScienceServiceDog

#124 Last Night, In My City, K-9 Riley Died Taking Down An Armed Suspect. He Was 5 Years Old And Had Been In-Service For 3 Years. An Officer Also Died At The Scene. Can We Take A Moment To Give Thanks For Dogs Like Riley Who Die In The Line Of Duty In Order To Protect Us? Rip Riley

Image credits: greentofu402

#125 Ruca Goes On Every Call With Me To Bring Back Boaters Who’ve Had Some Bad Luck. Shes Been Farther Offshore Than Most People And In Worse Weather. People Usually Feel Less Stressed When They’re 60+ Miles Offshore And The Dog Pops Out The Cabin

Image credits: profileforadog

#126 Hendrix Won 2nd Overall At A 2-Day Sheep Herding Trial This Weekend (Novice Class)

Image credits: The_Wind_Cries

#127 The Vet Clinic I Work At Has 9 White Golden’s That Live There; Here’s 6 Of Them Hard At Work

Image credits: Dark_WebNinja

#128 Us Open Is Planning To Use Dogs For The Upcoming Tournament

Image credits: StubbornRedditor

#129 Pupper In Training

Image credits: janjaadorp

#130 My Service Dog Got A New Bed With Our First Paycheck After Getting Our First Job Together! She’s The Hardest Worker In The Whole Office

Image credits: bunnyfloofington

#131 Tina Passed Her Service Dog Test Today!! She Helps Me Redirect, Pick Things Up And Many More Tasks. It’s Been Awhile Since Ive Felt So Happy

Image credits: Tekkenmonster36

#132 Benzene Is A Very Good Chemistry Doggy @ Purdue

Image credits: ploomyoctopus

#133 My Dog Working The University Bookstore Counter For A Bit

Image credits: SamLynn79

#134 I Was In The Er Yesterday And My Rn Brought Her Therapy Dog In For Me To Pet. Johnny Brought Out My First Smile Of The Day And He’s Such A Good Boy

Image credits: purpleball00n

#135 This Is Tammy, The World Bank’s Bomb Sniffing Dog

Image credits: WoodStalk16

#136 Meet Duke. Honorary Mayor Of Cormorant, Minnesota. He’s Been Re-Elected 3 Times!

Image credits: Whitlow14

#137 This Is Sophia, The Sweetest Sight For Sore Eyes You Could Possibly See In 16 Hours Of Air Transit. Flying Can Be Stressful, And Sophia Specializes In Mitigating Any Such Mental Risks You May Encounter. What A Pro

Image credits: thurmanthedude

#138 This Is Will. Will’s Only Job Is To Receive Pets From People At The Minneapolis Airport. He’s Not Allowed To Lick Anyone While Working, But He Receives Pets Professionally Despite That Rule. Will Is A Professional Good Boy

Image credits: gravymaster000

#139 Cardiac Alert Girl Doin Her Job To Make Sure I Don’t Faint While Working Out

Image credits: coloSDhandler

#140 Bingo, The Us Coast Guard Explosives Detection Dog. His Helmet Includes Mounts That Can Be Used For A Camera Or A Light

Image credits: WarDamnSpurs

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