Dramatic Gallery/Museum Lighting as Domestic Interior Design Feature

Saliot is a Japanese brand of small, powerful lighting used by museums and art galleries. Sensing a new market, manufacturer Minebea Mitsumi is attempting to expand into the domestic space, reckoning that folks with fancy homes might want dramatic lighting as an interior design feature.

In addition to making the existing ceiling track available to consumers…

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…the company also commissioned industrial designer Shinya Oguchi to design a tabletop stand that would support existing Saliot units. Here’s what he came up with:

The Saliot Pico Stand comes in three sizes and is made from machined aluminum. The footprint was kept as small as possible, and Minebea Mistumi have paired the Saliot units with a companion app that allows users to dial in the brightness and add scheduling.

Here are some examples of applications:

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These are, at least for now, Japanese-market only.

Source: core77

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