Dyson Gives Sneak Peek at Secret Robot Prototypes for Household Chores

Dyson has a problem: They’re looking to add 700 robotics engineers to their staff, but engineers are attracted by what they’ll be working on, and a number of Dyson’s projects are top-secret. Would you take a job if you didn’t even know what the project was?

Jake Dyson at the company’s new skunkworks

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In a bid to attract engineers, Dyson has thus released this video offering a “tantalizing glimpose of secret robot prototypes which appear to carry out household chores,” the company says. Chief Engineer Jake Dyson shows you what’s going on in Dyson’s new skunkworks at an airfield outside of London:

The company will only say that they’re “accelerating development of an autonomous device capable of household chores and other tasks,” and they’re reportedly investing more than $3 billion into the venture.

One thing that bummed me out about the video: They don’t mention design, or designers, even once. I know the Dysons are a family of engineers, but I’d hoped that the new generation would occasionally cross the aisle, so to speak.

Source: core77

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