‘Expectation Vs. Reality’ Posts Where The Results Surprisingly Exceeded Expectations (New Pics)

What a good feeling when you cook from a recipe and the meal turns out exactly (or even better) than the picture. It is in these unexpected surprises that the essence of blessed moments reveals itself. We’ve gathered a collection of instances when reality exceeds expectations for your entertainment.

It delves into the instances where your frozen pizza comes out with many more toppings beyond what the picture depicted or when a cake looks exactly like one from The Simpsons.

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#1 Birthday Pupcakes

Image credits: sookpit

Many of us believe in the power of manifestation. At times, our desires are so strong that we have faith they will come true solely through the strength of our wishes. Psychologist Jean Piaget says that this is especially common in children younger than 7: “Young children have difficulty distinguishing between the subjective worlds in their heads and the objective world. According to Piaget, children therefore sometimes believe that their thoughts can directly cause things to happen.”

#2 My Sketch Of A Cake I Wanted To Make vs. The Reality. Pretty Damn Proud. My Best Cake To Date (Everything Is Handmade By Myself)

Image credits: mathwifey

#3 Good Job, Momma. We Weren’t Expecting 3

Image credits: scubasmac

There is this term called ‘The Law of Attraction‘. It suggests that positive thoughts bring positive results, while negative thoughts bring negative outcomes. The ways that you can incorporate the law of attraction in your life are to be grateful, visualize your goals, look for the positives in the situation, and learn how to identify negative thinking. Also, when something negative happens, reframe it more positively. While it won’t always be a solution to your problems, the law of attraction might just help you cultivate a more optimistic outlook on life.

#4 Tried Out A Coffee Bean Cookie Recipe, Pleasantly Surprised By The Results

Image credits: Meitachi

#5 My Husband Made His First Cake (Right) For Our Son’s First Birthday. I’m Impressed

Image credits: _cuquita

#6 I Expected To Be Disappointed. I Was Not

Image credits: reddit.com

However, according to clinical psychologist Dr. Ellis, expectations are the silent killer of happiness. If we believe in notions like life should be fair, everyone should like me or I can change them, we might very well get disappointed. The truth is that life is not impartial and bad things happen to good people. Just as you don’t like everyone you know, not all people will like you. The only person you can change is yourself. 

#7 Homemade Strawberry Chocolate Tart: Expectation Value Reality

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Image credits: autoradio

#8 Picture I Showed vs. What I Got. Shout Out This Salon

Image credits: Financial-Possible-6

#9 The Recipe And The Result

Image credits: pannecouck

What we could do instead of raising high expectations is cultivate gratitude. “If you think that human nature is good and powerful, then you will go around frustrated because the perfect society has not yet been achieved. But if you go through life believing that our reason is not that great, our skills are not that impressive, and our goodness is mottled, then you might be amazed how life has managed to be as sweet as it is.” It is important to accept what is rather than what should be.

It is only through A that we can transition into B, and it is through consistent daily practice that we begin to grasp the concept of freedom. It comes with releasing unrealistic expectations and embracing gratitude for the present moment. This enables us to reclaim our happiness and get rid of negative thoughts.

#10 I Stabbed Something A Million Times

Image credits: bunnome

#11 A Cake I Did Today. My Work Is On The Right

Image credits: dazablue

#12 I’m Pretty Proud Of My Second Loaf Of Bread Ever

Image credits: KiltedLady

There is another side of the coin. Psychologists say having low expectations also won’t make us happy. It is also important to have high expectations because they allow us to dream and reach for our goals: “Through a process called mental contrasting, we create judgments about our expectations of the future and decide which dreams are realistic to pursue and which ones we should let go.” For example, you’re miserable at your work and you’re imagining finding your dream job. This imagining is mentally contrasting and it helps you to identify your dreams. So aim high, but be realistic, it can be very motivating!

#13 Got One Of Those Kitty Hammock Things That Hang. Didn’t Expect Her To Love It This Much

Image credits: CrWraith

#14 I’m Impressed

I was looking for custom cookies for a party. I found a lady on Facebook who has a cookie business out of her townhouse. I sent her this picture of what I wanted, and she delivered! They tasted amazing too!

Image credits: Oregongirl1018

#15 Cake For My Wife’s Birthday From A Local Pastry Shop (It’s A Simpsons Joke)

Image credits: kicker58

So in the end, it shouldn’t be expectations vs reality, it is more like ‘realistic expectations’. Keep scrolling to see some of the finest posts and don’t forget to check out our previous post about it here.

#16 My Attempt At Pigs In A Mud Bath

Image credits: wjfreeman

#17 This Is My First Time Buying A 2-Piece In 35 Years And I Did Not Expect To Look Better Than Adobe Photoshop

Image credits: Chef4disney

#18 My Second Embroidery Project! I Think I Was Fairly Close

Image credits: LadyAbyssDragon

#19 Tried To Copy This Cake And I’m Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: Yam21

#20 I Couldn’t Resist. Benito Is A Happy Boy

Image credits: benitolepew

#21 This Popsicle Exceeded Expectations

Image credits: Squeezlo

#22 Left: What I Ordered, Right: What I Got

Image credits: reen22

#23 When A $7 Taco Exceeds Expectations

Image credits: siphontheenigma

#24 I’ve Never Been Disappointed By A Menu Photo In Thailand. If Anything, I Think The Reality Is Even Better

Image credits: vezance

#25 Pleasantly Surprised By Today’s Lunch

Image credits: Panamaned

#26 This Photo Made Me Want To Go To Banff And Recreate It, So I Did

Image credits: Charterhouserules

#27 Wanted To Add This Positive Expectation vs. Reality I Got In Venice Yesterday

Image credits: iAmMeTankYou

#28 Got The Rare Dark Chocolate With Granola Bar Flavor

Image credits: FromTheNetherlents

#29 I Went To 5 Guys Last Night When They Were Closing, They Asked If I Wanted Extra Bacon Because They Were Going To Throw It Out. I Didn’t Expect This

Image credits: BossMcBossington

#30 The Cake I Found On Pintrest vs. The One My Friend Was Able To Make

Image credits: screaming-rabbit

#31 I Got An Extra Samoa

Image credits: raoulduke007

#32 This Tattoo I Got Today

Image credits: Mfeldyy

#33 Lived Up To Its Name

Image credits: BriannaHolmes

#34 Pleasantly Surprised

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 Spot On With The Graphic

Image credits: slindner1985

#36 Gamestop Sent Me 4 Controllers Instead Of Just The 1 I Ordered

Image credits: SpideyPoolForever

#37 Followed Chelsweets (Left) And Mine (Right)

Image credits: Mjrfrankburns

#38 My First Attempt At Making Professional-Grade Cupcakes

Image credits: Rylaenah

#39 Trader Joe’s Doesn’t Disappoint

Image credits: SeattlecityMisfit

#40 My Expectations Were Met

Image credits: GrubbyInsides

#41 First Time This Has Happen To Me

Image credits: RPbbgun

#42 For $4.99, They Put Work Into Them Little Guys

Image credits: NsaneATheist

#43 Denny’s In Tokyo, Japan. It Was Great

Image credits: Ambitious_Ad2354

#44 One Of The Few Cases Where Reality Exceeds Expectations

Image credits: Majestic-Bite-9323

#45 $7 From Walmart. Not Bad

Image credits: circa10a

#46 Actually Looks Uncanny. Straight Out Of A New Box

Image credits: ThisIsWhatLifeIs

#47 I Got An Extra Fortune Cookie In One Package

Image credits: Cheesy_Potato_Beans

#48 I Was Pleasantly Surprised

Image credits: Snakehole12

#49 Never A Let Down

Image credits: elvensnowfae

#50 Elmo Cupcakes. Grocery Store Frosted, I Decorated

Image credits: megn_kat

#51 I’m Honestly Impressed

Image credits: mrjoepete

#52 Pretty Pretty Good

Image credits: jpiburn

#53 Pleasantly Surprised. Tasted Great Too

Image credits: dolphinitely

#54 Expected That I Was Going To Get Three Packets Of Scooby Snacks From The Dollar Tree

Image credits: angelsinthewindow

#55 Picture (Left) vs. Mine (Right). Honestly Not Too Shabby

Image credits: Teddythehedgie

#56 It Turned Out Great

Image credits: MogMcKupo

#57 Surprisingly Good

Image credits: SirSupay

#58 These “Store Brand” Snickers Ice Cream Bar Knockoffs Are Not Only As Good Than The Box Art, They’re Probably As Good As The Brand They’re Meant To Be Replicating

Image credits: jerryleebee

#59 Aldi Frozen Alfredo Chicken – I’m Impressed

Image credits: styckx

#60 Honestly Pretty Good

Image credits: ShelfGranola

#61 Found A New Recipe And Tried It Out. It Was Delicious And Looked Just Like The Picture

Image credits: MonkeyAndSlug

#62 No-Name Caramel Coconut Cookies Were Truly Impressive. Will Be Getting These Far Too Often Than I Should

Image credits: madamelex

#63 So I Randomly Got Shipped An Extra PS5. Merry Late Christmas To Me I Guess. Sorry To That One Kid

Image credits: TheLustySnail

#64 BR Cake In Japan. Adorable If You Ask Me (I Brought The Candle Over From Target In The US)

Image credits: strictlytacos

#65 That Living Room Carpet

Image credits: CuriousSounds

#66 This Pizza With Way More Toppings Than Shown On The Box

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#67 Krusteaz Citrus Blueberry Loaf. Spot On

Image credits: v13

#68 Expectation Meets Reality. But Is Still Quite Scary

Image credits: SerendipityAlike

#69 S’mores Jumbo Cookie From Aldi. Seriously Impressed

Image credits: royalbravery

#70 One Of The Few Times I Have Had A Burger That Looks Better Than Advertised

Image credits: Godfreee

#71 I Got An Extra Pop-Tart In My Pack

Image credits: DubWubWubs

#72 These Socks Exceed Expectations. The Thick Padding Makes Them Perfect For Sports, The Anti-Slip Feature Provides Excellent Grip. Had To Order Several Pairs For My Team

Image credits: Live_Giraffe_8378

#73 I Asked For Extra Lettuce In My Big Mac And They Filled The Entire Box Down To The Corners

Image credits: Bl0rgasmorg

#74 Met Expectations

For the $6 I spent on this, I was pleasantly impressed. My only gripe was that the pieces were placed randomly in different plastic pouches. Like, for the head, the pieces were in three different bags and just seemed odd to not have them all together.

Image credits: Michi712

#75 Aldi Breakfast Pizza – I’m Impressed

Image credits: Plainwhiteboy

#76 For Once… Expectation Exceeded

Image credits: rob_s_458

#77 My Buddy Sent Me This Drunk Doodle For An Idea, As A Professional Artist, I Sent Back This

Image credits: thedude502

#78 Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings. Totally Satisfied

Image credits: Mikey_Meatballs

#79 I Got An Extra Pizza Roll In My 15 Count Package

Image credits: purplemusicianz

#80 I Got An Extra Piece Of Chocolate The Other Day

Image credits: NinniasvBs

#81 Ordered 1 Chopper From Walmart. They Sent Us 12

Image credits: jokersleuth

#82 I Got An Extra Long Mozzarella Stick In My Pack

Image credits: breadandfaxes

#83 Quality Goodness

Image credits: mrgermy

#84 IKEA Frozen Food

Image credits: daniel_boring

#85 Ordered One, Got Two

Image credits: JoshMo8712

#86 Ed’s Hot Dogs. I’m Reasonably Impressed

Ed’s easy diner hotdogs from Iceland, are impressive and very much like the ones in the restaurant. For once, I’m impressed with the reality.

Image credits: GirlWithDemonBlood

#87 When Reality Equals The Expectation

Image credits: HorseOfCrypto

#88 Not Too Bad Actually

Image credits: Snowbird234

#89 Exceeded Expectations

Image credits: curiouslyinclined

#90 Made In The Oven – Surpassed My Expectations For 1 USD

Image credits: Cephalique

#91 This Tattoo I Got Today

#92 I Was Pleasantly Surprised!

#93 Noticed Most Of These Are Somewhat Negative, So Wanted To Add This Positive One I Got In Venice Yesterday ?

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