Fiskars Launches Workwear Line With Plenty of On-Body Tool Storage

Fascinatingly, Fiskars has launched a line of workwear with military-gear-like on-body storage—ostensibly aimed at gardeners. As someone who does a lot of outdoor work (albeit land-clearing and tree processing, not proper gardening), I can attest to the absurd amount of tools one needs to carry for nature-taming.

I’m sure I’ll draw fire for this, but I think the line, designed by up-and-coming Finnish designer Maria Korkeila, looks pretty cool; largely form follows function, but starkly stylish. As some examples, they offer this gilet (what we call a vest):

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“This unisex piece features adjustable padded shoulder straps and chest strap, a breathable mesh back and tear and abrasion resistant pockets for gardening tools and personal items like your phone and keys. Water-repellent and PFC-free, the gilet is made of nylon and cordura.”

This tool belt:

“Tear and abrasion resistant pockets, water-repellent and PFC-free, it features an adjustable buckled belt and detachable pouches for different tools that can be reorganized inside the bag or attached to the belt outside. Made of nylon, cordura and sustainable apple-based vegan leather.”

These pants with detachable legs:

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“Features a tool pocket, a utility loop, pockets with reinforced lining and belt loops with snap buttons. They also feature pockets for knee padding and detachable pant legs. Wear them as full-length pants or shorts. Made of polyester and cotton. PFC free and water-repellent.”

This proper vest with a partially detachable front:

“It features ample tear and abrasion resistant front and back pockets and a lower part that can be detached in the front for a higher level of flexibility and comfort. Made of polyester, cotton and nylon. Water-repellent.”

It’s worth noting that as functional as these garments are, Fiskars is clearly making a calculated move to sweep into the Carhartt space, to attract people who like the look but aren’t intending to dig dirt. The line is described as “Combining the practicality of gardening garb with streetwear aesthetics.” That aside, I might buy one or two of these items to see how they perform.

Source: core77

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