Food styling meets lettering in this beautiful collaboration

Using seeds, nuts, grains, and produce, a collaborative art piece entitled ‘A Gusto’ was created by three artists based in Buenos Aries, Argentina: Panco Sassano (Graphic Designer/Illustrator), Anna Keville Joyce (Food Stylist/Illustrator), and Agustín Nieto (Photographer).

The Argentinian art form of “fileteado” is a colorful drawing style that includes rich, floral stylized lettering. “The project, entitled A Gusto, highlights the innate flow of fileteado together with decorative letting design and an organic interpretation of food ingredients,” explains the project’s website.

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This project has a mighty tasty materials list: sushi rice, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, beans, lentils purple cabbage, fenugreek, peach purée, corn kernels, Himalayan salt, paprika, polenta, and achiote seeds.


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