For Brooke Davis, Craftsmanship is Where CNC Meets Handwork 

Texas-based designer Brooke Davis continues to “push the boundary of CNC as a tool” with her latest designs, including a quilted nightstand with a perfectly plush tufted surface made out of wood.

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Davis brings her background in fine art to her design practice and uses digital tools to push the forms she can achieve and impart a sculptural feel. Her process involves sculpting in clay, digitally modeling in the computer, and prototyping with a CNC machine until the design is finalized. While the CNC plays a big part in the production process, Davis always finishes her work by hand, often sanding for up to 100 hours to get the right feel.

“To me, furniture is a great conduit for exploration, as you can quickly meet the functional requirements of a piece and move on to the more exciting challenges of what the object looks and feels like,” she says. “I find a lot of inspiration in the human figure, automotive styling, and nature and using subtle influences to create forms that are meant to be felt.”

Davis’s newest pieces, the Pilo nightstand and Flicka chair will be shown at WantedDesign in May, after having previously participated in their Launch Pad program.

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