“Forcing Us To Attend A Meeting On Vacation? Fine, See You At Midnight!”: Teachers Maliciously Comply With Rude Educational Consultant

We might have great imaginations and feel a lot of empathy for others, but to truly understand someone’s struggles and worries, we have to walk at least a mile in their shoes. Either that or (if we’re completely clueless) be taught a powerful lesson, the ‘Malicious Compliance’ way!

Redditor u/Luckj, who works in education, shared a spicy story about how he and his colleagues got back at an arrogant educational consultant who had no sense of boundaries and forced them to attend a meeting while on Christmas break. Well, they all quickly solved that issue in a way that made it very clear to ‘the Panther’ that she was overstepping boundaries and making enemies left, right, and center. You’ll find the full story below!

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The teacher’s story went viral on r/MaliciousCompliance, racking up 28.5k upvotes in just two days. A lot of redditors were so impressed by what the education pros did, they also gave u/Luckj a whole bunch of awards to show their appreciation for sharing such an interesting tale from his professional life.

A group of teachers had to deal with a very pushy educational consultant who forced them to have a Zoom meeting during their Christmas break

Image credits: Pexels (not the actual photo)

One of the teachers took to Reddit and shared exactly how they made the consultant realize she was making a huge mistake

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Image credits: Luckj

What u/Luckj’s story teaches us are two things. One, you really don’t want to be the incarnation of a Lawful Neutral character who puts rules and technicalities above human interactions and empathy. And two, boundaries are vital for the success of any relationship. And if they’re repeatedly violated, you have to enforce them, whether we’re talking about a professional setting or the coziness of your own home.

Relationship coach Alex Scot explained to me a few months ago that it’s absolutely vital to establish boundaries even with our closest loved ones, to say nothing of our colleagues. Alex stressed to Bored Panda that it’s not selfish to have boundaries: without them, we’re at the complete mercy of the whims of others.

“Without [boundaries], we live our lives at the expense of ourselves. The mindset for many when it comes to setting boundaries is that they feel selfish, or that they aren’t being a good partner when they implement them, so they avoid doing it altogether,” the expert said.

“This only causes resentment to build and overwhelm to set in both within the individual and the relationship as a whole. Boundaries are there for us to be able to take care of and to protect ourselves so that we can show up and operate within our lives as successfully as possible.”

However, Alex explained that the types of boundaries that we have can differ from relationship to relationship. While it’s suggested to have very clear and strict boundaries in your professional life, when it comes to personal relationships, it’s best to be a bit more flexible. Unlike at work, strict boundaries are unsustainable when it comes to love and romance.

According to the expert, one way to tackle someone constantly ignoring your boundaries is to try and resolve the situation with open and honest communication. Try to be curious about the other person’s perspective and attempt to understand what exactly it is that they need from you. Whether it’s attention, validation, or something else entirely.

Here’s how people reacted to the story that embodies r/MaliciousCompliance at its best

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