Found/Founded Vibrary Digital LP Player Colorfully Puts Music Fandom on Display

Found/Founded Vibrary Digital LP Player Colorfully Puts Music Fandom on Display

The global phenomenon known as K-pop and its passionate level of fandom has proven to be a boon to the resurgence of physical media. Musical acts regularly release special edition vinyl LPs, CD boxed sets, and other physical collector’s items as a way to connect with fans across physical and digital divides, giving them a means to showcase their loyalties. Korean design studio found/Founded’s Vibrary Digital LP Player is a conceptual response to the global K-pop ignited trend, combining a digital audio player with a display stand allowing music fans to show off what’s on rotation.

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A person picking up the wireless detachable remote of the orange-red hued Vibrary Digital LP Player on a white surface.

The Vibrary Digital LP Player takes cues from countless other wireless audio speakers and smaller soundbars, with a wide front facing speaker design, tactile button controls up top, and various sound listening modes, including spatial audio – the increasingly popular audio processing technology that allows audio engineers to precisely designate where sound is perceived to be emanating from, painting soundscapes of effects across a listener’s room. How effective this mode would prove in reality is questionable, noting the overall size of the player is modest.

Technical drawings surrounded by various colorful physical prototypes of the Vibrary Digital LP Player, with various separate color components.

A unique feature of the audio system is the inclusion of a secondary detachable wireless controller. One might wonder: why include a remote control in an age when everyone streams and controls playback with their mobile devices? The answer is revealed by found/Founded’s own description of the device’s customizable colored panels and remote, each designed to be “harmonious with the artist’s official color(s).” While not a norm in the Western pop music landscape, it’s important to understand in the K-pop universe official colors associated with music acts have long been a norm, something in a similar vein to a sports team’s colors.

Modern red and silver portable wireless digital album speaker with button controls and detachable cylindrical wireless remote control unit.

A person's finger pressing a red cylindrical wireless remote control Vibrary Digital LP Player button on a wooden table.

The Vibrary’s can-shaped remote is noticeably larger and unusually tactile than most modern remotes, with a simple 4-way touch button layout for volume and track playback control.

Two hands demonstrating the top and bottom views of a cylindrical Vibrary Digital LP Player's wireless remote control.

Portable red Vibrary Digital LP Player with controls on top.

A top view of the Vibrary Digital LP Player with a minimalist design featuring a gray body and contrasting orange dial.

Hands holding a red perforated speaker front Vibrary Digital LP Player against a white background.

A hand holding up an album by a group of thirteen K-pop artists posing in colorful attire, displayed in a slot built into the orange-red Vibrary Digital LP Player.

found/Founded’s concept also includes a “voice-specific mode” that customizes the device’s operational sounds according to the artist’s content.

But arguably the most convincing reason a K-pop devotee might want the Vibrary music player is for its prominent built-in display stand, one that makes showing off an undying loyalty to [your favorite band here] and a favorite album all part of the music listening experience.

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Source: design-milk

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