Free Webinar Tomorrow: Jimmy DiResta on DIY Product Design & Development

If you’re a design entrepreneur that wants to design your own product, there’s a few different routes you can take. You can come up with the concept, then farm the development out to somebody else. Or you can do both of those things and let someone take care of the manufacturing. Yet another approach is to DIY the entire process, start to finish.

For those of you attracted to the latter approach, we’ve contracted DIY master Jimmy DiResta, who’s launched his fair share of products since first starting a toy company 20 years ago, to share his self-driven “mockup to market” approach with us. We’re presenting it in a series of free webinar videos and the first one, covering “Inspiration & Brainstorming,” airs tomorrow. To watch it, all you need to do is sign up at the link below.

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In tomorrow’s webinar, Jimmy will discuss the merits of the DIY approach—namely, minimizing risk—and the possibilities of selling your stuff using social media, as opposed to the country-fair options you’d have been stuck with 20 years ago. “Instagram never gets rained out,” Jimmy says. “There’s always people looking, and you can always sell [your stuff] in the middle of the night.”

While there will be practical advice for the whole product development process sprinkled throughout tomorrow’s talk, the main focus will be Jimmy sharing his brainstorming and ideation tips. How do you generate ideas, capture them, and develop them? Is your idea both different and better? What’s the best way to assess your idea versus what’s already out there? Most importantly, can you manufacture it?

The first episode airs Wednesday, September 29th at 11AM EST. If you tune in live, you’ll see the presentation (30-45 minutes) and will have the chance to participate in the live Q&A with Jimmy afterwards. (If you can’t make the live airing, you can also watch the video later if you’re signed up.)

To sign up, click here. It’s free!

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