“Give Me Some Adult Stuff To Buy That Changed Your Life”: 72 Of The Best Purchases These People Swear By

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder”? That little mantra really stuck with me the first time I heard it, and it can be applied to almost all aspects of our lives. Why waste unnecessary amounts of time and energy on tasks that can be done in more streamlined ways?

In the spirit of working smarter rather than harder, one man recently reached out to other Twitter users asking for “a thread full of life hacks”, and people did not disappoint in the replies. Thousands of readers responded with their favorite products that have changed their lives, so we’ve gathered some of the best ones down below to share with you. Enjoy this list that might allow you to take some shortcuts through your daily life, and be sure to upvote all of the pics that blow your mind. Then let us know in the comments what your best life hacks are, and if you want to find even more ways to improve your routines, be sure to check out this Bored Panda article featuring even more life hacks next.

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Our society tends to be obsessed with efficiency nowadays. We want phones that can serve the purpose of a computer, tablet, television and professional camera, we order our morning coffee before arriving at the shop so we can be in and out the door in 30 seconds, and we hardly take in the world around us when walking down the street because we are too busy multitasking. But despite wanting to do it all and all at once, wouldn’t it be great to save a little time or energy when we can? Then we might have time to, I don’t know, stop and smell the roses?

That’s what “life hacking” is all about. If a product or a change in your habits can give you a few more minutes in the day, that time can be redirected towards something you really enjoy. Those extra ten minutes can be used to put more effort into preparing a healthy dinner or spent relaxing with your partner on the couch and recapping your days to one another. It’s 2022, and it is incredible how advanced technology has become. Why not take advantage of it to actually better ourselves and our lives? 


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Now, let’s be clear, a lot of the time life “hacking” is not actually hacking at all. It is just optimization and increased efficiency. The word hacking has a negative connotation from its association with computer hacking and other illegal activities, but that’s not what this thread aims to celebrate. The Twitter users that contributed to this list were simply looking to share the products and tips that they have benefitted from. Sure, nobody needs these products, and certainly not all of them. But they have been tested and recommended by others, so if something stands out to you that might solve a problem you are often plagued by, why not check it out?

And I know what you might be thinking: “I already own too much, and I do not need to buy anything else.” I completely agree! As a people, humans consume and purchase way more than we need. However, some of the photos on this list might inspire you to come up with solutions for common problems with what you already have at home. For example, the “hack” of placing Command hooks on the side of your trash bin to keep the bags from falling down could easily be done by attaching something else. Anything you have laying around the house that would be just big enough to hook the trash bag handles would be perfect. No money required. 


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You also don’t have to agree that all of these hacks would change your life in particular. We all have different preferences, priorities and skills. If you are a professional chef, you might not need a chopper blade because you could perfectly dice an onion in your sleep. However, if you love to cook but hate how much time it takes to chop veggies, that might be a great solution for you. And not everyone needs a picnic blanket that folds up into a tote bag, but if you are an avid picnic-er, I can personally vouch for the beauty of that product.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

We all love to peruse the reviews of a product before purchasing it, but it can be hard to even trust those. There is no way of knowing if the company is paying employees or friends and family to post glowing feedback, but why would a random person on Twitter try to trick you into buying a product? These first hand reviews are trustworthy, and they might introduce you to products you had never even heard of previously. 


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Although this list features many of the best products people have purchased that have made their lives easier, the idea of life hacking can extend far beyond physical items. Of course, optimizing your life does not need to require spending any money at all. It can involve adopting routines like waking up earlier in the morning to journal and meditate before starting your day or taking advantage of the time before work to go to the gym. Meal prepping, buying food in bulk, washing the dishes while your dinner is in the oven, and setting a reminder to clean your apartment at the same time every week are all small lifestyle habits to pick up that might feel like “hacks” when you realize the benefits of them.  


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What is considered a “hack” is up to the individual, but according to author and speaker Dr. Alan Zimmerman, there are a few in particular that we could all benefit from. The first tip he provides, in a piece he wrote for Entrepreneur, is to change chance to choice. He explains that we should all have a clear definition of what success means to us, and then we can mold our goals around it. “If, for example, your definition of success includes the development of an exciting, close marital or family relationship, then 12-hour work days are out,” Dr. Zimmerman writes. “If your definition of success includes a long healthy life, you’ve got to stop smoking, exercise regularly, eat in moderation, and get adequate rest.”


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Dr. Zimmerman also says that changing convenience to conviction can be an important life hack. He provided the example of a successful insurance salesman who always wanted to be a doctor in a third world country, but following a career path in sales was much simpler and more convenient. This led him to absolutely dread going to work and always wonder what could have been if he had taken the harder path. Not every single life hack is about saving time or money; sometimes, we have to weigh the pros and cons and decide what will make us happier, healthier or more fulfilled in the long term.  


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Next, Dr. Zimmerman recommends changing from education to empowerment. We should not limit ourselves based on what education we had access to, or what we did not have access to. We can take responsibility for our lives and career paths, and if we feel we are lacking something, we should go after it. Don’t allow yourself to feel bogged down or burdened by limitations you create in your head. Enroll in a course for something you have always wanted to learn, or hop on Youtube to gain a new skill. Libraries and the internet are filled with more information than we could ever need, we just have to get curious and start looking. 


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Dr. Zimmerman also suggest that people who want to “hack their life” shift their wisecracks to wisdom. He explains how many people love inserting their opinions on topics they have no knowledge or understanding of. So it’s best to take advice from the average person with a grain of salt and consult professionals or trusted individuals when you really need some guidance. “I tell my audiences that people have a constitutional right to their ignorant opinions, but you have an entrepreneurial responsibility to ignore them,” Dr. Zimmerman writes.


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Lastly, Dr. Zimmerman says we should all change patience to persistence. He explains that those may sound like synonyms, but persistence requires a more active role. Many successful individuals have shared similar sentiments, including Albert Einstein when he stated, “It’s not that I’m so smart; it’s just that I stay with problems longer.” We are all capable of accomplishing great things, but we have to know when embarking on a task that it may take lots of persistence. 


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Have you found anything on this list that you think might change your life? I can personally recommend the makeup removing towels, a Costco or Sam’s Club membership, the Clorox toilet brushes, and a sun shade for your car if you live in a warm area. We hope you get some inspiration from this list to help optimize your daily routine and that you’ll end up with a little extra time or joy in your day. Don’t forget to upvote the posts that blow your mind so all your fellow pandas see them too, and if you’re looking for even more life hacks, check out this story next.


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