Golden Toilet “America” Makes Its Way to a Duke’s Home

Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan in his first solo show in Britain in 20 years makes a daring exhibition — a gold toilet. And of all places to display his masterpiece, what would be most fitting but a palace? This 18-karat gold toilet will be displayed at Blenheim Palace, home of the Duke of Marlborough.

“I am constantly inspired by the past and how nothing has really changed, so to show my work at Blenheim Palace — a place full of history and humanity — is significant to me,” said the artist in a press release.

The exhibition, hosted by the Blenheim Art Foundation, will feature new works by the artist, but the main attraction is sure to be “America” — the fully functioning gold toilet that will be plumbed into a room adjacent to the one in which Winston Churchill was born.

The work could be seen as a comment on the social, political and economic disparities in the United States, a press release announcing the exhibition reads.

The interpretations of the artwork vary from person to person. What is your interpretation of the artwork?

(Image Credit: Jacopo Zotti/ Menomenopiu Architects/ Maurizio Cattelan Archive)

Source: neatorama

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