Great (Post) Industrial Design Student Work: A Chair That Transforms Into a High Chair

As an industrial design student at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Tamás Máté Nagy designed this Heir chair for his senior thesis. It transforms from adult-sized to highchair-height:

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“My thesis project was a chair with variable seat height, which can be modified easily to better serve the anthropometry of children and adults alike. The target group mainly consists of young families whose kids outgrew their traditional high chairs but are lacking the height needed to comfortably sit on a regular chair. This problem is mostly present at ages 3 to 12. The resulting product concept can remain in use even after the children have left this age bracket, in other words, the chair can ‘grow up with the child.'”

A year after graduating Nagy, now a minted industrial designer, revisited and refined the design to create the Heir 2.0.

“I had the opportunity to work with an excellent carpenter in their workshop, which elevated the quality of the finished prototype and taught me a lot about the process,” Nagy writes.

“I designed custom 3D-printed bolt heads to make the assembly process possible without special tools. All of the bolts can be fastened with a coin and manual force.”

Here’s how it transforms:

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Source: core77

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