Have You Had Any Misles?

A “misle” is an unofficial term for a word that you mispronounce because you’ve only seen it in text. The term came from the story Eric Wolfe posted in 1991 about the way he used to pronounce the word “misled.” Instead of mis-led, he saw it as my-zuld. Wolfe’s unconcious assumption was that the word was akin to “titled,” which you would never pronounce as tit-led if you know what’s good for you. The response from his Usenet group had plenty of other examples, because English is weird. Eventually, this kind of mispronunciation based on logic and other English words led to these words being called “misles.”

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I mispronounced the word “biopic” in my head for years until I heard someone in a YouTube video say bio-pic. I knew what it meant, but I assumed it was pronounced bi-opic. Some misles are pretty funny, like pronouncing “barfly” as barf-ly, or pronouncing “infrared” as if it rhymes with “scared.” Someone even admitted to thinking the word “apply” was said like an adjective for something that’s like an apple, you know, apple-y. Read about the linguistic phenomenon of misles and laugh at some common ones at Mental Floss.

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