Henrybuilt Launches New Standalone Storage Furniture Line

High-end cabinetry and furniture design company Henrybuilt is launching a new line of standalone, non-built-in storage furniture called Primary Objects Studio Group.

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Designed as a more affordable offering for customers outside of Henrybuilt’s typical clientele, the pieces are “Available at a competitive price point for luxury quality,” meaning they still ring in at $4,000 to $8,000 apiece; they seek to offer the “unique combination of luxury and practicality” that’s so popular on Instagram these days.

The first four pieces in the new line are collectively called “The Towers:”

Split – Designed with two doors, when opened Split reveals a marvelously flexible interior, splashed with warm yellow tones. It can be easily configured with Opencase to become anything from a wardrobe for the bedroom, to a concealed coffee or wine bar in the dining room or an additional pantry in the kitchen.

Shift – With a brightly colored back and offset partial doors, Shift offers a more aesthetically-dynamic storage solution that inspires a myriad of uses. Most applicable as an entryway, study or kitchen feature, the Shift offers a storage solution that is functional and sturdy, while also visually intriguing – simultaneously providing practical, hidden storage space and visible display space for special items. It can serve as an entry feature that blends display with some closed off storage to conceal a coat or bag; or a kitchen piece where unappealing pantry items go behind the door, and wine glasses or cookbooks go on display—or both depending on what the homeowner needs and when.

Peak – This narrower unit with an open bottom serves as an ideal standalone armoire for a tight space — adding more storage capacity to a city apartment, guestroom or study. The interior is fully outfitted with adjustable shelves, so it can work seamlessly with Henrybuilt’s adjustable shelf system, adjustable hangrod shelf, or adjustable shoe shelves. In another configuration, the adjustable shelves can be replaced for Opencase components to transform Peak into a sport, utility or mudroom “locker”.

Prime – This piece is optimized as a utility cabinet, with the combination of Opencase and adjustable shelves allowing for maximum flexibility. Prime serves as a dedicated cabinet for cleaning tools and supplies, as well as overflow bulk items, keeping kitchen, pantry or entryway spaces organized and freeing up other critical spaces in the rest of the home. The flexibility of Opencase also allows the owner to transform the piece from a utility function to any number of other storage or closet functions.

“The Towers” are currently available on Henrybuilt.com.

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