Herman Miller and Logitech G's Sexy Vantum Gaming Chair

From a design perspective, what is the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair? According to Herman Miller, which has partnered with Logitech G to provide gaming-specific furniture, a gaming chair ought be ready for “moments of both intense focus and relaxed fun… providing gamers the correct level of support throughout the various modes of gameplay for increased comfort, concentration and endurance, whether in a position of play or pause.”

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To that end, the partnership has designed the Vantum, an attractive and sleek-looking gaming chair.

The design is fitted out with multiple easy-to-understand adjustments, allowing users to dial in their perfect position, or quickly adjust when switching from one posture to another:

Sacral/Lumbar Support

Arm Height, Width and Depth

Seat Height

Tilt Limiter

Tilt Tension

Seat Depth

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Headrest Height

Headrest Angle

“At its core, the Vantum Gaming Chair supports the active-gaming-forward posture, a position proven to fuel focus and faster reaction times, two factors that play a crucial role when gaming. To achieve this, Vantum was designed to proactively place users in an active/upright position the moment they sit down, leveraging an adapted seat pad and PostureFit, which provides adjustable support to the lower back and reinforces the pelvis, preventing slouching and fatigue. To further assist gamers in ensuring they are in their proper position, numeric feedback is included on the tilt adjustments, allowing gamers to easily identify and recall their preferred settings.”

The Vantum, which is available to order now and will ship by the end of the month, retails for $995.

Source: core77

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