Herman Miller's Handsome Plex Line of Flexible, Modular Seating

Plex lounge furniture, designed for Herman Miller by Industrial Facility (a/k/a the duo of industrial designer Sam Hecht and architect Kim Colin), is a modular system of six pieces.

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Apparently designed for offices and institutions requiring flexibility, it’s handsome enough that I’d consider it for home furnishing–if only the fabric wouldn’t attract dog fur. If it was instead skinned in something easy to remove and throw in the washing machine, I’d give this a good, hard look.

Herman Miller calls it “a simple, adaptive design that’s appropriate for the variety of ways we work and live today and the environments where those activities occur.”

“We believe that simple is better,” Colin says. “Why would anyone aspire to complexity?”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

It’s going to be tough to get people back into offices, but filling one with furniture like this would be a good start.

Source: core77

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