High-End Hot Glue Gun: The FastenMaster HB220

Hot glue guns are great for quick-‘n-dirty work, and you can practically buy them with spare change. But a company called FastenMaster produces a high-end glue gun precise enough for finishing and repair work, aimed at the pro contractor market.

“The HB220 is not your typical glue gun,” they write, but “a professional grade adhesive system designed for all day use in a variety of flooring installation, remodeling, and repair applications.”

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Their hot (no pun intended) feature appears to be their proprietary no-drip nozzle that cuts down on mess.

They also sell a longer repair nozzle that can get into tight spaces…

…and a double-flow nozzle for when you want to cover more surface area.

The proprietary glue sticks are construction-grade adhesive that comes in two flavors: Flex 40, which has an open time of 40 seconds and cures to full bond strength in 5 minutes or less, and Flex 180, open time 180 seconds, full cure in 8 minutes or less.

As you’d expect, the HB220 is pricey versus a standard hot glue gun–and the price varies depending on where you buy it. It’s listed on Amazon for $119, but Lee Valley sells them for $109.

Here’s the product video:

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Source: core77

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