"Highly Detailed" Barbie Corvette Replica…Designed to Hold Popcorn

1960s astronauts may have received Corvettes for (practically) free, but AMC Theatres is charging $35 for this one.

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It’s being sold at their concession stands at theaters showing “Barbie: The Movie,” and is a “highly detailed” replica of Barbie’s ride…designed to serve as a popcorn container:

Great Photoshop work, AMC. (Did someone eat the windshield?)

I figured this had to be Mattel’s doing, but no; I’ve learned this is an ongoing AMC initiative to generate yet more profits at the concession stand. Earlier offerings have included a “Fast X Dom’s Charger” container for $40:

This “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 20-Sided Die” container with insane design language for $30:

Also for $30, this “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania LED Helmet.” (Yes, the eyes light up, so apparently the freaking thing takes batteries.)

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And finally, some wiseacre over at Reddit suggested they produce this design for their “Oppenheimer” tie-in:

Source: core77

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