How Is Terrace House Like a Let’s Play?

I’m So Meta, Even This Terrace House Episode…. Makes a bad acronym

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If you’ve been both alive and near a television in the last 3 decades, you’ve probably heard about “reality TV,” often premised on variations of a social-interaction-theme. Paradigmatic examples include CBS’s Survivor, ABC’s The Bachelor, E!s Keeping up with the Kardashians, and even, the OG standout MTV’s Real World – which just finished season 32. Terrace House is like none of these shows. There are no “confessional interviews”, no tasks, no eliminations, no goals. On the show … “contestants”? “cast members”? Housemates … never acknowledge the camera. They go to school… have jobs, friends and relationships which are RARELY, if ever, shown on camera. And when someone leaves… it’s because they CHOOSE to. It’s just some young people, living together, sometimes going on dates, often, but not always, with one another. I think that’s only part of the story, though. And that there are some things about Terrace House which are quietly VERY effective, and also say LOTS about a potential future for the place of audience in media. That potential future has something to do with Let’s Plays, but… we’re gonna work our way there. First, we’ll talk about how Terrace house is actually — hold politely onto your butts — two “reality” shows. Let us know what you think about Terrace House in the comments below!

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2:43 Terrace House is the Delicate Fleeting Reality Show W Don’t Deserve

8:43 Subnautica – Part 59 – FIGHTING THE SEA DRAGON!!

08:48 SURPRISE MOTHER [email protected]#KER! (H1Z1 Full Gameplay)

9:01 Middleditch Twitch Raid

9:04 BATTLEGROUNDS – Roadkill Warriors

9:08 Arcane one shot

11:12 Playing Super Mario NES!

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

11:40 GoPro- Exploring Bali with Contiki

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